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The Story speaks of a Phoenician Mercenary named Mithon in the 1st or 2nd Millenium BCE his story initiates with a deal, He made with the devil, Whom he thought he was the god Baal, Which cursed him with tattoos that gave him supernatural powers, But one day those powers will turn against him, After his mercenary days are finished, Will he be able to break the curse ?

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It was a hot day, The sun was heating the sand below our feet and the wind was still and calm, It was a day of battle between the Egyptians and The Hittites, I was a mercenary paid by the Egyptians to help fight against the Hittites, It was my job to be a mercenary, I fight for gold and to make a living and good fortune, I was always away from home working with foreign armies in their needs of battle.

But my enemy was outnumbering us and the tide didn't seem to be in our favor, But only the gods know what will happen, However the enemy loomed over the distance with their charioteers and armored spearmen, However our army also had chariots, Which we needed to use wisely, If we are to deal swiftly with the Hittites.

It was near the village of Aronma in the Syrian valleys, We could see the Hittites closing in from the Horizon and the shouts of men came from their direction, However as we both were closing in, Our Enemies had a surprise attack, Their chariots flanked us and the Infantry was charging, But I was off scouting in Aronma, That's When I saw a strange fire in one of the houses, The air around it seemed to have a strange, But unpleasant feeling, That's when a creature appeared from the Fire, The Creature was very tall and thin and had a goat's head and hooves for legs and his fingers were long and thing and his nails were long and could be used as claws to cut flesh, He seemed sinister, But I was terrified, By the creature, I couldn't move.

I inquired though "Who are you?" and He answered in a deep voice "I am the God Baal, Lord of the Earth, The one who brings fertility to your lands and wives " and I exclaimed "What do you require of me?" and He answered "No, The real question is, What do you require of me? I could grant you anything you desire, You can just wish for it" and It was running through my head, That his gift will come at a cost, But I had no choice "I wish to defeat the Hittites and bring Victory to my army" and He replied "As you wish" and strange drawings appeared on my body, They burned like fire, However These drawings were black in color and looked crooked and sinister.

And He said "These will give you the power to defeat your enemies, The more blood you spill, The more powerful it gets, But remember never get to lost in it, For it may bring unwanted attention" I didn't know, What he meant by "Unwanted Attention", But I closed my mind off of it and headed to battle and I could feel the power of the tattoos on my body, I could lift objects from afar and teleport anywhere.

In the battle However, I got behind the lines of the enemy and used my new found powers to distract them and one Charioteer decided to test me, But I quickly teleported on his chariot and used my sword to slice his neck open and I took control of the Chariot and I charged behind the enemy lines and killed many, The Moral of the enemy was dwindling and the battle was won after we chased the enemy off, The Egyptians cheered my name and When I was back to my employer, He payed me a handsome sum of gold, But He said "I heard of your victory at Aronma, Very impressive, We can always use a Mercenary like you again, But I heard of your unnatural powers, Where did you acquire them?" and I replied "Baal gave it to me" and He chuckled and said "Sure, I suppose the gods, Have their chosen ones", However word of my victory was spread throughout Syria and Canaan and a new life was waiting for me.

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