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Fighting with myself! relationship work is no joke when it's a fight you fight alone ... I don’t know how to change These feeling’s creeping around all the shit that you do…

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Screaming in 2021

Do you ever just want to scream at the top of your lungs?

like things need to change;

I’m fucking coming undone!

I need some help!

I can’t see the fucking sun…

An intervention just won't be enough…

I don’t know how to change These feeling’s creeping around all the shit that you do…

I don’t know what the fuck you want from me?

I think I need a recall or a review?…

Because I know I won’t ever be enough for you….

I guess it’s kinda hard to change something you yourself can’t even see?

Dreaming of changes in all them patterns you continue to repeat,

But I think Id have better luck winning a trip to Saturn then expecting you to follow through with much of anything you say…

I just feel like screaming And really really loud!

It has to help somehow?

because being silent isn’t dealing, when your scheming and I’m just grieving…

I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore?

so fucking confusing and insane,

you’re lying to me with every step you take!

why? Just save you’re breath your excuses have become like dust trapped left scattered on the floor… I can’t trust anything you say anymore!

you won't tell me what the fuck you're doing so all I’ve got is me myself and my imagination!

This shits getting pretty Dark, a twisted mangled work of art...

All it takes is just one spark!

All alone with these leftovers, cliff notes from the past,

your half ass communication just feels like a stall;

left with all them stories so grand and so tall!

A shit Sunday sprinkled with excuses and lies!

Did you ever think about what my imagination might be making up behind these sad eye’s?

Never real answers for my questions only evidence and unwanted signs…

fucking tell me what’s going on in your mind?

Without a filter, no sensor would be fine! Because in the end I will no longer be pretending that I am blind…

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