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Maple, a she-cat who live in the forest, is told by a Starclan warrior named Lakestar that she had to reform an ancient clan called Lakeclan. With the help of her kittypet friends Grey and Cookie, she will find the descendants of Ancient Lakeclan warriors Front Cover from Mini Maker in Warrior Cats official website Ignore where it says 'New Chapter Every Week', I just put out a new chapter whenever I finish one.

Фанфик Книги Всех возростов.

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Leader: Maplestar (a white she-cat with black stripes, Apprentice-Breezepaw)

Deputy: Greywhisker (a gray tom with a white muzzle)

Medicine Cat: Echoheart (a ginger tabby she-cat, Apprentice-Bramblepaw)

Warriors: Honeytail (a pretty ginger she-cat)

Hollowfeather (a pretty black she-cat with purplish eyes, Apprentice-Ghostpaw)

Mossfoot (a brown tom with a black foot)

Dashclaw (a black tom with green eyes)

Quickleap (a tortoise-shell tom)

Bouncetail (a black tom, Apprentice-Darkpaw)

Sandgaze (a cream tom)

Hollypelt (a ginger she-cat)

Raresong (a brown tabby she-cat, Apprentice-Edpaw)

Meadowtuft (a calico she-cat)

Sunnywillow (a cream she-cat)

Queens: Royalflower (a pregnant black she-cat)

Mistdream (a cream she-cat with four kits)

Apprentices: Bramblepaw (a pretty tortoise-shell she-cat with unusual green eyes)

Ghostpaw (a white tom with black paws)

Darkpaw (a black tom with white stripes)

Breezepaw (a pretty grayish-blue she-cat with bright blue eyes)

Edpaw (a ginger tabby tom)

Kits: Snowkit (a white tom)

Wolfkit (a grey and white she-cat)

Frecklekit (a white she-cat with black spots)

Bluekit (a white tom with blue-grey paws and muzzle)

Elders: Tanglefur (an amber-eyed tom with a matted black pelt)

Ashstripe (a white she-cat with grey stripes)

Silverfang (a once-handsome tubby ginger tom)

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