daniel-west- Daniel Scott West

A master mind serial killer seeks victims and puts them in house to toy with and kill hunted by athoeities his master plan might be foiled by survivors

Ужасы Готический ужас 18+.

#survival # #Serial #catandmouse
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Clean and Sober

a room for rent in the city of Seattle Washington rent $500 cash.

Ruth Baker was found dead in her kitchen foul play and a murder investigation. the 12 houses she owned now up for auction and the price is right for the right buyer. Maxwell Foster was a shady guy from the Beginning who would of thought that there where darker shades to this man. a clean and sober! what money he could make if all twelve houses did well with taxes the way they are it was a no brainer. very little was needed for the remodel as Maxwell found himself the new owner. couldn't be more pleased. there was a cold chill that day as well noted by Maxwell in the auction house an older man in his late fifties Maxwell was the healthiest he has ever been.

when Maxwell got home there was a message on his phone from an unknown caller "It is time to begin my Game" odd Maxwell took it as a joke some sort of creepy jest. however the timing was what made Maxwell stop. as he looked out to his car it wasn't there Maxwell called 911 reporting his vehicle stolen he mentioned the message to the police. the auction was the only positive and all Maxwell could think of untill this prankster got what was coming to him. remodeling 12 houses and rentivating to the lowliest people was not going to be stopped by a car thief. how did he get my number?

Ruth Foster

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