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Mimi Millan has a special power: she can dream of people she knows and discover their true face, without filters. This is how she knows that no one is to be trusted because everyone always has ulterior motives, even her family. But her dreams also have a dark secret. If she is injured in them, her injuries remain on her body when she awakens and she has to deal with them regardless of severity. When her dreams start to turn violent, can Mimi find a way out? History registered in Safe Creative under the registration code 2112049966020. © All rights reserved.

Саспенс 18+.

#mystery #romance #violence #dreams #nightmares #abuse #hopes #wounds
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I must warn you that this story will have content on a sensitive topic. If you are susceptible or know that you cannot read stories that deal with verbal and psychological abuse, psychological and mental problems, self-harm and suicide, I recommend that you abandon this story and move on with your life.

Here, harmful behaviors for mental and physical health that cannot be imitated by their readers will be portrayed, fictional characters don't suffer the same consequences as we do because they don't exist.

As a writer, I write from the experience of one or more of the actions that will be seen in this story. I am doing my best to properly inform myself of each topic that will be exposed here, but this story is a draft and it's quite likely that it will need more revisions in the future.

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