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My depression almost won, I was 18 and had been praying for something at the verge of death, I thought would never be answered came true.

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I was born to be someone I didn't like. It was someone I would never like,let alone love. Other people would like me a little, at least a few. I was beautiful, so one day Maybe if I was lucky they would love me. As a child I liked myself at times it depended on what I was being. But, I loved Katie more. She was around me when I played. Who knew I would meet the Real person one day. One day in specific...My Grandma tried to raise me AB as a child when what I needed more than ever was a normal life with normal people raising me.But, I made it 18 years, until I couldn't take another day of pain; On Cinco De Mayo, I just couldn't take anymore pain and depression and decided I was done with life sadly. As I was leaving the hall to the bathroom to be done with the most beautiful thing given. I am shutting the door, tears pouring down my face and I couldn't stop.

*DING-DONG* FUCK as mad as I had ever been I open the bathroom door as quick as possible, wipe the tears from my face, walked across the living room and answered the door. A dorky man and a Goddess stood infront of me.Who knew she would make my life worth living.

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