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The "nice boy" Nikki met online

In the dark of the woods the rapist picked up the struggling screaming teenage girl and pushed her down feet first into the cramped dark container while ignoring her cries and pleas to free her .
He smirked as he saw the raw terror of the situation dawning on her face as he forced her head inside the blue barrel sealing it with the lid he took a few steps back and observed the barrel slightly wobble as the girl cried and screamed moving in what little space she had to hit the lid of the barrel from inside desperately trying to escape. Finally looking away from the barrel satisfied that his victim couldn't get out the man that had kidnapped and brutally violated her picked up the shovel and went to work digging the girls grave, he hoped she wouldnt run out of air before she was put in the ground, he was curious how long he would be able to hear her muffled screams after he covered her with earth.—
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