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Introduction Of God's word

in the name of God almighty we thank him for his many blessings and how he sent his son Jesus Christ into this world not to condemn man but man threw him might be saved.

these are the words of which the prophets of old and the Old Testament of the Bible.

and the Christ prophet and messenger to all of Israel to all of the world.

for he was born I'm too a blessed Virgin of the holding Mother of the savior that all Humanity Mary Mother of Jesus.

we give greater praise and thanks to Almighty for the Holy Ghost and how his holy spirit comfort us as we go down the dangerous path in life, the holy spirit is the testifier of all truth. he's also the protector in the time of trouble.

the words I speak to you is from the word of God.

this book teaches knowledge and wisdom.

Commentary will be added.

different leaders from over time and the past and future.

all of the scholars and all of the experts for from them we may have educational truth.

literature through the scriptures will be added.

with these words I say and the name of the father and his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost Aman!!!!

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