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I wrote you five letters but unfortunately I never sent them, I only let them be read by the wind that lulled me every time I wrote them. D - 22/06/2021 P - 14/11/2021

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Letter 01

Hi sweetie...

I hope you don't mind the nickname, today I'm just interested in writing for you, I think it's the first time I capture it in a place and not just ramble through my mind.

hum I really don't know what to write here, I don't know if I should write about your beautiful eyes that I wish never look at anyone but me, or about your lips that I was always curious to meet with mine and know if they were as soft as they look, or to take your hand but not as simple friends.

Maybe I'm too ambitious for wanting to have you, to have a treasure that has been stolen by its original owner even though I found it first.

Or well, maybe I shouldn't have acclaimed someone even when I knew I didn't own them, maybe I need a reality check to know that I am only the one who takes care of the treasure to be given to its deserving owner.

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