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Into The Woods

The caravans and truck stopped right in front of a sign. The sign read "Price Estates Forest".Michael jumped out of his caravan and met up with Wasif and Doris.

"How are we gonna do this?", Doris asked.

"We split into three teams of four. Me, You two and Ben will go north. Otis, Clear, JD and Lilly will go south. Stanley, Gordon, Day and Tiller will go east and Ezekiel, Donozowe, Ash and RJ will go west. Let's do this", Michael said.


Stanley lead his group. "So what are we doing exactly?", Tiller asked.

"Scouting the area, we need to camp", Stanley replied.

Tiller rolled her eyes. Gordon walked alongside Day.

"Did you have family?", Gordon asked.

"Had a wife. But on day eight, she got sick and died. Never saw her again", Day replied.

"My wife died too. On day three. Cathy was struggling through it. I wished the world took care of itself. Can't always get what we want".


Clear lead her group. JD walked beside her and smiled. Lilly looked at the trees. In front of them, the trees leaked out some streaks of sunlight.

"Beautiful, isn't it?", Otis said.

Lilly looked at him. "What is?", she asked.

"The streaks of sunlight. In the most dangerous places, there is beauty in it".

"You're not wrong there".

Clear and JD listened to their conversation. "Otis likes her, I can tell. But he knows her boundaries", JD said.

"Lori will allow it. I bet you on no sex tonight", Clear challenged and JD accepted.


Michael lead his group. Ben walked with him.

"I have some off feelings about that Donozowe guy", Ben said.

"How so?", Michael asked.

"I'm probably crazy but I think Donozowe may be a gay pervert. He keeps being creepy around Richie Junior Baxter".

"Like how?".

"He keeps approaching him, keeps staring at him, mainly his ass. It's not normal".

"Nothing is normal now. Never was".

Wasif and Doris walked behind them. "Did you know what the Baxter boys were going to reveal these secrets?', Wasif asked.

Doris stayed quiet but nodded. "They could've caused a serious incident. Next time, let us know", he said.

"Those kids saved the victims, you included. Be more grateful. The boys are dealing with too much shit right now", Doris said.


Ezekiel was walking with Donozowe and Ash was walking with RJ.

"You don't speak much, do you?", Ezekiel said to Donozowe but he didn't answer back.

"It's rude to not answer him, Donozowe", Ash said.

RJ started to get a short migraine. He started having a vision of when he took the heroin. He remembered seeing a younger looking Peter Donozowe at the party.

"It was you, you sick jerk", RJ said.

"It was him what?", Ash asked.

The expression on RJ's face gave Ash the answer. Donozowe grabbed a long, wet, dirty log and whacked it on Ezekiel's head.

"Why?", RJ asked.

"You wanna know why?", Donozowe finally said.

Ash charged towards him. Donozowe missed the first swing and Ash striked his back.

The second swing collided with Ash's side. "The naked woman didn't fuck you, I did. I'm a child molester. I had to find a way and a way I found", he said.

Clear's group saw this. Donozowe pulled out a pistol and aimed at RJ. A spear suddenly went straight through the top of Donozowe's head. The blood dripped down the spear. Stanley's group came over.

"Is everyone alright?", Otis stupidly asked.

RJ ran to Ash's side. "You would've died", he said to Ash.

Ash winced before saying "I would always die for you. You're my Little Shitface".

Michael's group returned. They saw the dead standing body of Peter Donozowe with the spear supporting him.

"Please tell me what's going on?", he asked.

No one really had an answer for him. "Donozowe was a child pedophile", Ash said.

Then suddenly the trees started rustling. An arrow dropped to the floor. It had a wolf's head on the end bit, painted in red. The trees started to release a short whisper before rustling again.

"We're not alone, someone's with us", Michael said.

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Yevonne Brown Yevonne Brown
Not heard of a guy perv but I consider they must exist, the flashback was interesting
Haiden Dobson Haiden Dobson
The flashback was supposed to reveal the woman's name.

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