Stacy Henehan

After years of heartbreak and devestation due to the death of Samantha. Marc and Tracy's 23 year old daughter who passed away to a drug overdose in 2016. Tracy was finally watching her Husband Marc mature into a wonderful, loving, and honest man. But was he?

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Hot summer day

It was a hot summer day In August and I had just got done mowing the lawn. My Husband just arrived home after being gone all day. He was hardly ever home during the day anymore. He was in between jobs, waiting to start his new job. He was off work long enough to be getting fed up with sleeping in and not getting much done during the day.

He was talking to his trusted friend John about how he was feeling. John was his sponsor at the time.Marc was in a AA program. It's a program for troubled drinkers and drug addicts. John suggested he do a to do list Monday through Friday. He told him to prepare his list the night before and to wake up early with a alarm and to set out everyday doing errands or whatever it is he has on his list for the day. It seemed to really be helping Marc. He was in much better moods. And besides Tracy knew she had nothing to worry about as far as Marc being gone all day.

Marc had a history of drug abuse and scarified alot of years in prison due to his inability to be able to stop using drugs or drinking alcohol. We were separated for a large number of those years. I was a single Mom working two jobs while Marc went in and out of prison , Marc was a very difficult Man to deal with back then. He was a ladies man and had a very hard time telling the truth about anything.

But Tracy no longer had to worry about Marc. He was sober 5 year's and preached how honesty was a huge factor in getting and remaining sober. Besides Marc would never want to hurt Tracy after going through what they had with losing there beautiful 23 year old daughter Samantha two years prior. Samantha was there only daughter, she was the oldest she had a younger brother Marc Jr. He was 3 1/2 years younger.

Tracy was devastated with the loss of Samantha. So much so she attempted suicide herself. It took a long time but it finally looked like Tracy was starting to feel ok, she was at least getting out of the house daily. There was a time where she wouldn't even get out of bed for months at a time. Tracy knew Marc would never do anything to jeopardize her feeling better. And she knew Marc loved her,she loved him so much and was very proud of the man he had become. They had started a 501 nonprofit in memory of there daughter Samantha. The foundation helped people struggling with drugs. Marc was helping so many people he became like a hometown hero. He would be on the news in the newspaper, people loved him. For the first time Marc was on the right side of the law and Tracy was so proud of him. He would do alot of speaking commitments. Marc enjoyed doing it and he was very good at public speaking. Tracy was so proud of him and would fill up with tears of joy just looking at him. She would try to fight back the tears even though they were happy tears. She didn't want anyone to see her tearing up. They wouldn't understand. Tracy was alone through giving birth to their two children and raising them the first years of their lives. And no one ever truly understood how she felt giving birth not once but twice while Marc was away in prison. She had always felt cheated by Marc for not being there for her during their births. She felt Marc didn't really care and didn't think it was a big deal and has never apologized for it . But now she was so proud of him that giving birth alone wasn't even a thought. Tracy finally had the man she always wanted and knew Marc had it in him to be a wonderful husband, father and son .

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Stacy Henehan I'm a 49 year old woman, married for the second time to the same man from the first marriage. We own and operate a small general contractor business in Pennsylvania. We had two beautiful children a daughter and a son. I had more heartbreaks than the average woman my age. I lost my beautiful 23 year old daughter in 2016 and became part of that group no one ever should have to , or wants to belong to grieving parents. Life has been a rollercoaster ever since.


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