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Ally is a 15-year-old girl, with parents that won't let her leave alone, and when she does for the first time she finds herself in trouble! WITH NO WAY OUT

Триллер 13+.

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The video!

It all began on a Sunday morning, John and Cathrine were getting ready to go shopping for some school material for their daughter Ally! Ally was a delicate girl and very nice! Her parents told her to stay at home while they go shopping because of the pandemic. So she stayed home alone, she started chatting with her best friend online about how she wanted to get out more and live the life she was born to live! Her best friend told her - You are a brave and strong 15 years old girl you should go for a walk by yourself, they will take a long time!

So Ally took her chances and left home to walk awhile, she didn't get out too often so it really surprised her to see that many people! And then she sat down at a table, and a boy came over he looked older than her, he asked if he could sit down and she alloyed it! He said:

-Hi my name is Josh what is your name? Are you new? I have never seen you here!

Ally tells him she has been here for years but she could never get out! Her parents went shopping and so she had got out! He told her he knew everyone and that the first person he wanted her to meet was his mother and his father; she followed him, but his house was quite far away, they were going to a vintage house, and very cute too, they entered the house and it was quite creepy on the inside but it didn't bother her! She met them and she thought about the time it would take her to get home and the time it would take her parents to get back home, and so she said she had to run off, but she would come back to visit, as soon as she left Josh told his parents: At least she believed it, not a word to anyone!

So, on Ally's side, she started running, but the car would go a lot faster, but she didn't really care, she rushed off and got there in time! She had to take a shower first though and clean her clothes when her parents arrived; it thrilled them to see her there, and they hoped she understood why she was kept there as a prisoner! Ally got a notification on her phone saying that there were some videos online and that Ally was on them, so she had to get them deleted or hidden so her parents wouldn't know about it! As soon as her best friend told Ally that, her father called her, and he seemed quite mad!

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