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The Mission

Fifteen years earlier John McPherson was on his way to see the Sgt Major William Clearwater. He had just been promoted to the rank of SFC. He was given command of a company. Damn can somebody make a decent cup of coffee on this base. Coming right up sir came the high pitched voice of his assistant Gloria. Sir theirs a SGT John McPherson to see you. Send him in at once, as you wish sir. Within minutes the door to his office immediately swung open. Well if it isn't SGT John McPherson back from the war. The reason I called you back here so soon was because a couple of our best pilots have gone missing in action.

Who's gone missing and where are they. Well intel tells us that they crashed somewhere over Korea or Russia. I can't tell you who but you must go find these men and bring them home. On the way out of his office John answers clearwaters phone and and recieves a message. Sgt Major are we still going to kill the President? Call me back immediately.

Packing his carry on bag and a couple of rifles Grenades and explosives. he's not alone on this mission, his pals from the 802nd Airborne Division are with him. On his left is Gunner John Hutchinson Jr. and on the right is vetaran sniper David Peterson. Unbeknownst to them the pilot was given explicit instructions by the XO to drop them off in a remote area and leave them to fend for themselves.

The time was now 11:14. Any minute they were going to jump. They all jumped out of the airplane and as they began their slow descent down toward the horizon they noticed the plane veered off course. Realizing that there is little or no choice but to move on McPherson and his team move out to search the area. Bringing up his hand to signal the group to stop they all stop and look through their binoculars. Meanshile back in his office William Clearwater is checking read outs from the mission briefing he gave earlier in his office. He was supposed to give it to the secretary of defense but he decided to destroy it.

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