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A Forced Marriage between Ruby Knight and Michael Low . Ruby was in love with Michael for a long time but Michael hated and despised her cause he wanted to marry Angela Knight. Ruby Knight: asked If we meet again will you finally chose me. Michael Low: If we ever meet again Ruby will you still have feelings for me.

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Forced Marriage

On the wedding night the room was filled with roses.

Ruby sat by the bed as she was starring at the wedding photos she and Michael had taken.

Tonight was supposed to be her happiest day. She waited for Michael and the door was kicked open.


Ruby saw Michael charging at her at that moment, Ruby felt as if she was being crushed by an iceberg that was pressing down on her. That cold , powerful pressure on Michael was suffocating her.


Michael pressed Ruby's shoulders and she was pushed to the ground by him, tears flowed down Ruby's face as she was bitting her lip tightly.

As shocked as she was , she was trying to talk but her lips wouldn't move as Michael was about to leave.

-What is going on as she asks him terrified of him?

He turned and shouted at her.

"I don't love you because of you, I couldn't marry your sister that I love."

I'm going to make your life a living hell and you will wish you'd never marry me to her. He said angry.

And he walked out before he could say anything closing and locking the room.

she stayed on the ground speechless and terrified at Michael.

how could he do this I felt that at least he liked me a bit and that's why we got married. (sobbing) .

She got up and searched for a spare key and she found it and opened it and followed Michael and what she found caused her a shock she would never forget she hurried out of the room Michael was in and went back to her room sobbing and went to sleep while crying and asking herself how could Michael cheat on her on their wedding night. she finally dozed off.

Morning arrived.........

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