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Sally's Stinky Shoes

Sally has a pair of red shoes shes had for a little while,

When her mummy took her shopping she chose ones that made her smile.

They are red and shiny complete with a little bow,

Sally loves them so much she doesnt want her feet to grow!

Lately Sally noticed that the shoes are getting tight,

Mummy said your shoes are stinky, sally had a sniff, mum was right!

Sally didn't want new shoes these ones are the best,

Well said mummy lets just have a look and put these too the test!

Sally picked up a blue pair of shoes that looked really fun!

But when she tried them on her feet she couldn't even run!

Sally found a green pair that looked perfect and just right,

But when she put them on her feet they were just too tight!

Sally saw a purple pair hidden in the shoe heap,

When she put them on her feet she couldn't even leap!

Sally saw some Orange wellies perfect for the dirt,

But when she put them on her feet all they did was hurt,

Mum found some sandals that she thought were nice,

But when sally put them on her toes felt like ice!

"Its no use" said Sally sadly "ill never find a pair"

Mum gave Sally a big hug and said " let me have a look, wait right there"

Mum came back from looking for the best shoes she could find,

Close you eyes said mum as she held something from behind....

"Okay" said mum "you can look" but what did sally see ?

The same pair of Sally's red shoes " a bigger size, perfect for me!"

Mum and Sally left the store grinning from ear to ear,

Lets hope they don't have this problem later on this year!


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Andrea Ponti Andrea Ponti
Hi Danielle! Thanks for sharing. It's a sweet little story with rhymes. I really enjoyed it and I can relate as my kids really fuss over using new clothes. Perhaps, I'd have ended by seeing her accepting a new pair of equally lovable shoes? I spotted some spelling/grammar issues I can help you with should you ever wish to get it published :) Good luck!
David Robinson David Robinson
Very good lovely story