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Asher is a young adult who has gone through many things, desiring to live and seek answers to their life problems. A wise child who was and is bullied continuously through their lifetime because who they are. Going through depression and other things that make up their hard life, they try their best to keep up with life. This is my life story. I am Asher. That is my preferred name, but Eli is our collective name. Going through severe depression, PTSD, generalized anxiety, ADHD, DID/OSDD, and minor memory problems I try to solve what is going on with me. So take my hand and read with me on this lifelong journey as I go through the chapters of life. Along with my headmates Lucy, Luna, Lyn (who is now dormant), Floof, Zurii, 3v3, Vildor and moss as a growing system. This is MY life story and how it will go. DISCLAIMER: This book covers heavy topics such as Suicide, Rape and others. Viewer discretion adviced. Please note that this is a teen who is writing this book, meaning that any rude/explicit comments and judgement is NOT tolerated. I am honestly sick of being judged for who I am and I will not go through another line of crisis. This is also a LGTBQ+ related book. If you don't like and/or support the community, please don't read this book. If you read this, please remember me.. Okay? NEGATIVE TRIGGER WARNINGS: • RAPE MENTIONS • SUICIDE MENTIONS • SELF HARM • ABLEISM • QUEERPHOBIA MORE TO BE ADDED

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The Birth of Eli (Asher)

It all started many years ago, in a cold night of December third. A child was born into the world. Crying loudly, and the mother was proud and happy along with the father proud and full of joy as the baby child was held. Weirdly enough, she was born tiny; the father held her with one hand. And soon the nurses took her away to check how she was and if there were no problems with her. Once they checked up on her, she seemed to be born premature and jaundice, and she was a bit under her weight, and tiny. She almost seemed like a tiny baby doll. But the child was born healthy and well. Soon she was ready to be taken home and ready to meet the world.

That baby is me. Hi, I'm Eli, or well, you'll know me as Asher. I'm currently a student in highschool, with many disorders. I'm a trans Non-binary masc-leaning to be specific. I'm a system of 7 (or more?), and I don't know much about life yet I do at the same time. I know that it's hard to live when you're going through many rough things in life. But hey, it'll get better. I promise.

This is my life story.

And I will try my best to live and see the end of it in a very long time from now hopefully.

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