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Pretty, Beautiful, and Classy all wrapped into one. Meet Gianna Ryan. Young, mocha complexion, standing at 5'9 and thick in all the right places. As beautiful as she is physically, she has the brains to match. A young successful business owner, Cali born & raised, traveling through life's obstacles while being determined to stay on top. With the support and love she has from her sister Mia and her best friend who just so happens to be her nail tech, NOTHING seems impossible. The sky is always the limit. Living a luxurious life, being the CEO of her own company, protecting her peace, loving on herself daily and not taking anybody's shit, no one can tell Gianna anything! Question is how much is really too much? Can she do it all? Let's see how determined Gianna really is. Sky is the limit...right?

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"I'ma turn up on a hater every chance that I get
I want the biggest watch that they got, don't care if that shit hurt my wrist" wasall you heard blasting through Gianna's Mercedes-Maybach S-Class as she was sitting at a red light. Looking in her mirror, admiring her fresh retwist, natural glowing face & then down to her XXL french tip v cut fullset with the matching pedicure, she smiled. Her nail tech and friend Cam was everything and then some the way he always blessed her pretty little hands. One thing Gianna loved is a perfect fullset and a pedicure and every time, Cam came through & today was no different. She thought back to a conversation they had earlier and how he swear she never has fun and how she's always accomplishing her goals, but not celebrating them. "I do have fun, I have fun making a lot of money, buying anything I want and living peacefully. Cam be tripping". A loud horn being blown snapped Gianna out of her thoughts. She didntvrealize the light had turned green. As she pulled off towards her home, Cam words popped in her head again . Maybe she didnt celebrate herself enough. "I came a long way, I am proud of myself, maybe I should actually go out and celebrate". As she pulled up to her condo, she dialed Cam's number. He answered on the first ring. "I know your careful ass didn't break a nail, so wassup girl, you just left me not that long ago". I had to laugh because he was definitely right. "I thought about what you said, I do need to celebrate myself, I'm living my best life, I deserve some fun outside of my normal". Cam being Cam was happier than ever as if he was the one that added a new business venture to the already successful business. Oh yeah did I tell y'all I bought a building? That's something we'll get into later so I can break it down for y'all. Right now I need a little nap, because the way Cam is talking on this phone, it seems like I'll need it for this "LIT ASS NIGHT" we're going to have.

"That's my best friend, she a real bad bitch, got her own money, she 'on't need no nig'" is all I heard as I was sleep. I thought I was dreaming, but realized my sister Mia was calling. I knew it was her because of the ringtone we had set for each other when we called. Mia is my big sister. The best one anyone could ask for if I'm being honest. Through thick and thin, we're always there for one another. Mia is my heart and I am hers. Y'all will see. "Hey girl" I said, sounding like I wasn't just sleep. She know me so well though. "Hi girl. I know you was sleep". "How you always do that?" We both laughed. "Cam called me. He said he finally got you to pop out and I have to come too." "Yeah if I'm going you going...IF" I said loud and clear because I was regretting telling him I wanted to. "Just go and see if you have fun. If it's not fun for you, leave and don't go again. Simple." "OK but you saying that like you not going." We both laughed again. "So what we wearing?" I asked. "Girl do it matter? everything we wear is fabulous."

Cam sent over an address of the place where we would be celebrating tonight. After meeting up with Mia, who I must say, did look fabulous in a black D&G two piece set, we headed to our destination. Stepping out in Lita, Ciara's new clothing line that I fell in love with almost instantly, I felt as confident as I always have being as though what was in front of me was a new scene for me. "A strip club?" I looked at Mia, she looked at me and just continued to walk. I followed behind her thinking "well...let's do it"

The club was lit from what I saw walking in. I was checking everything and everyone out especially the strippers. They were bomb and definitely shaking what their mama gave them. The music was blasting, money was everywhere because ballers were everywhere, boss bitches everywhere. Cam literally never disappoints. I don't know why I was so nervous. Cam knows who I am. He knows who he is too. He would not have us in some raggedy spot. I worried for nothing. "MIA, GIANNA!" Cam yelled over the music as he started strutting towards us to lead us to our section. "BAD BITCHES IS HERE!" Cam yelled. "HEYYY!" Mia yelled back. Cam was so extra, but thats why we love us some him. As we got to our section, a velvet rope was moved so we could get through. "Thats what I'm talking about, slowly becoming my type of thing" I thought. Bottles of Casamigos, Hennessey and Dusse' were there already. Now I didnt drink, but on occasions, same with Mia, and tonight was clearly an occasion. They club was lit I must say. "My little baddie." Cam said while twirling Mia's petite body around in a circle. "You look gorgeous as always mamas." "You the gorgeous one, I need those pants asap." Mia said. They gave each other an air kiss. Then it was my turn. "My other little baddie who listen. Thank you for not changing your mind." He said while giving me an air kiss. Little did Cam know, I went into grind mode as soon as I hit the door. "I almost did, but I'm glad I did not" I said while taking a look around again. "Aw lord what you got up that talented sleeve now? I know that look." I smiled. "Let's pop these bottles and make a toast to the FUTURE! The sky is the limit."

It was close to noon when Gianna finally woke up. Her outing with Cam and Mia was the cause of her sleeping in later than usual, but she wasn't complaining. She rolled over in her California king and stared at her ceiling for a while, thinkinlove g about last night. She smiled at the thought of her plans. She stepped out of bed onto her plush carpet that felt like heaven on her feet and opened her black, blackout curtains to let the California sun in. It was fall, 67° today to be exact. "My type of weather" I said out loud. I threw on my silk Savage x Fenty robe and headed to my kitchen. Looking around her condo, Gianna couldn't help the pretty smile that spread across her face. Her newly furnished condo was laid to the gods, and the best part to her was the art work. Most of them painted and photographed by herself. Gianna had a gift. Her eye for all things beautiful was impeccable. Gianna started drawing when she was in elementary and started taking random pictures of things not too long after. Her family knew she would do great things then, and she did not disappoint. at 24, she has sold art work to Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Taraji P. Henson, just to name a few. She was great at what she do. In her eyes, she was the best, humbly speaking. As she reached her kitchen, her cell started to ring. It was Mia. "Hellooo" Gianna sang into the phone. "I sent you something special to your door" Mia said. Gianna looking confused, but excited went to her door, and opened it. Standing before her was her beautiful big sister Mia. With a huge smile on Gianna's face, she stepped aside to let Mia in. "You like your surprise?" Mia asked smiling from ear to ear. "Always" Gianna replied as they embraced each other. As Mia took off her chanel fur slides and headed to Gianna's fuzzy sock drawer in her room, she yelled out "SO ABOUT LAST NIGHT!" "Girl, I actually had a good time." "I did too tbh, that's something we'll definitely have to do again" Mia said as she came and sat at the marble island. The marble was her idea by the way. I saw her glide her hand across it and it made me giggle. "You love this marble don't you?" "Obviously. That's why I have it then picked it for you as soon as you said you found the perfect spot." They both laughed. "And speaking of spot, how much are you loving your decor? I see you got your TVs, what is that? 120"?" Mia asked pointing to my mounted flat screen. "I absolutely love it. You did your thing in here. It's my whole vibe all up and through here. As far as the TV, I want to go bigger of course." Gianna explained. "Go big or go home right" Mia said. "Or I'll just go to your home because I want that TV in your living room now that I'm thinking about it. What size is that again?" Gianna asked. "No ma'am" They both laughed again. Mia was a successful interior designer. She blessed a lot of homes and definitely hers, so I wanted everything she had, but with my own twist, and she gave exactly that. "I'll get you one though. It'll be a special birthday gift for my special person." Gianna smiled at Mia's words. "You are everything. Thank you" she hugged her sister, then went back to making coffee. Mia cleared her throat. I turned around and she was looking at me like she was waiting on me to say something. "What?" I asked her, confused. "Did you hear me mention your birthday? It's two months away. Wassup, what's the plan?" I thought about it, then shrugged my shoulders. "I don't have any plans this year. I'm just focused on my business and my new building, you know?" Mia just looked at me, no expression on her face. When Mia does this, it means she completely understands me, but she is going to make me an offer, and I'm going to take it. "OK, I understand. You have everything you want, but you are celebrating another year of this beautiful thing called life. I watched you grow into this beautiful, talented and successful young woman and you deserve to be celebrated as such. So with that being said, let me make the interior of your new building functional, safe and beautiful, and before you say anything, it is a gift sis, so do not start with all that paying me stuff." I thought about it, and my thoughts from last night surfaced again and it hit me. "OMG! You can have it laid for my club!" Gianna started jumping up and down clapping her hands, excited as ever. Her & Mia slapped hands to give each other a high five, but the look on Mia's face made Gianna stop and gather herself. She realized she never told Mia about her new business plan. "Girl, wait I'm sorry I didn't even tell you." "Yes I'm confused, what don't I know mamas?" Mia asked. Gianna took a seat beside her sister and got right into it. "So you saw the strip club last night, you saw those girls, you saw that crowd and I know you saw that money everywhere. So I was thinking" Mia cut her off and finished her sentence. "Turning the building you bought into a strip club." "YES! I've been thinking about it since I stepped foot in that club Mia, and just like anything else I touch, this will be a beautiful thing." Mia sat silent, but I can tell she was thinking. "Get everything you need for the things you will have inside the club and it's a go." I smiled at the thought up my future club. Mia know I love plush, fur, pink, black. I just know my club will be popping. Now the rest will be up to me, so let me get on it.

*One Month Later*

"Come to the club sis, I need you to see something" Mia said in a calm tone. I couldn't detect if it sounded like a good or bad thing, but luckily I was just finishing up at my art gallery. The past month has really been great to me. I sold 10 pieces, one going for 55,000. I got everything done that was needed for my club, I've been working my ass off. I told y'all I was great at what I do. Just continue reading so y'all can really see for yourselves. I headed to the club and once there, I saw Mia and her team standing outside which looked great I must say. No surprise there. They always do amazing work. "Hey y'all" I said to everybody, and everyone spoke back with a few air kisses. "Wassup sis? is something wrong?" I asked concerned because Mia wasn't saying much. "Look for yourself" She said, then stepped out my way. I opened the door to walk in, nervous was an understatement. As I stood there at the entry, you could hear a pin drop. Now I've been speechless a few times in my life, but I don't remember it being like this. I turned around and saw Mia with a smile on her face. I literally picked her up and hugged her. Once her feet was back on the ground, she asked me "What do you think?" I was in awe. From the plush seats in the sections, to the LED lights that flashed a different color every 10 seconds, to the loaded bar with flat screens in the air surrounding it, to the stages with the pink stripper poles. I loved it from top to bottom. She even had my photographs on the walls going all around the club. Photographs I took specifically for this special moment and here they were and they looked perfect. "Really Mia? a month?" I asked. "You know exactly how I do, don't play. You love it don't you, because you can barely talk" She laughed. "Love is not the word. I don't know what word to use right now. I am so grateful for you, thats all I know, omg." "Well you don't have to say anything, it's time for action anyway. You are ready for business sis, the hard part is done." As they walked around the club, Mia continued to talk. "So auditions? I haven't seen you put out anything about any. What's your plan because you're ready to go." They stopped and sat at the bar. "I'm already on it. The world knew I was opening a club, my name is big, I'm successful, I honestly don't need to do auditions for this specifically. I have something else in mind" "I'm listening." Mia said as she poured us a drink. "Well I'm going down to that strip club called Spotlight. I plan to just check it out and check some of the girls out." "That club is still opened? That should've been shut down" Mia said while rolling her eyes. "Exactly. I did some research, they're open and I'm planning to take girls out of that club and bring them here. Look at everything I can offer them, you know?" "Better everything. One thing about you Gianna, you will always make your money, but you love to help others in the process. Those girls will really appreciate what you're doing. They don't even know their lives are about to change forever." I smiled at the thought. "And it's more than just stripping. I won't even call it that, because it's art. This will be different for them. It's time." Gianna took a sip of her Dusse' and smiled.

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