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The King

I have been traveling these worlds since 2012 and I have taken many forms and had many titles: friend; pirate; cowboy; corrupted soul; a dragon; and even a king. My first title was...

─ Vagabond ─

And I was okay. When I first entered this world I had taken a new form I'd never had before, the first person I met was clickednebula, they gifted me a bucket, and iron sword and some food, which i swiftly lost trying to get used to my new form and my new gills. OneBoss was my first friend here they went out of their way to retrieve my lost items, and during my wait was when I met Sinonra and just after NT_North. They were just like me...

─ Fish out of water ─

We worked together to reach a safe place for us, and I found our home. A small underwater crater next to a ravine, and we were okay. In our first few days we had a place for our beds, and a place to keep our valuables. Sinonra made us a farm for our food and I worked on gathering resources. We were lucky. Our ocean was bountiful with rarities. She built me a Monument while I was away and gave our home a name -- "Ocean Kingdom" -- and it was okay. With that I decided to take up a new title to match my new form...

─ Guardian ─

I worked to make sure I could protect our new home and I found an easier means of travel just underneath our home. I enchanted armor, made us potions, and gathered even more resources. I even made myself a new sword, "The Okay Blade". But then I got busy, I had to be away from our new home quite a bit. When I could join I found out I had been given a new title...

─ King ─

There was no crowning ceremony. And at the time I could not interact with the community I had originally wished to create. My Queen however made sure everyone understood there were two of us, and I appreciated her efforts…

And then we faced tragedy. "The Wither Storm". That's when I was introduced to my subjects, and was given a new form to match My Queen's. I dropped a lot of my responsibilities at the time. To help with the damage and some of the rebuilding, our animals had been slaughtered and all of our resources were gone. My Monument remained and so did our community. We were okay...

─ "Sign these"

─ "What are they?"

─ "Adoption papers"

I still don't think I've told My Queen that we now have a child because after some deliberation I told them

─ "Okay"

I am still busy and my original title is still one I hold. But this new home is not going to be torn down and we are not going to move. This is where we will build our Kingdom. Our Castle. And we will be okay...

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Norte Stonks Holisss En resumen me gusta escribir de jotos, asi que si gustas, sigueme uwu


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