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Looking over at Stacy, her green eyes meeting with my grey ones, I knew that it was time. Covered in snow, mud, and our best friends' blood we stared at the cabin. Jen was waiting in there, probably preparing herself. I don't know why or how she could have done what she did. I've known Jen the longest and yet, I didn't say anything. I know her mother is suffering from Lung Cancer. Jen's older brother left for the Navy, and her Aunt Tulip left almost a year ago to go take care of Jen's grandfather. Even though Aunt Tulip made sure before she left that Jen's mother had a nurse most of the day and night, and that anything Jen needed, it was paid for, Jen still had a grudge towards her Aunt for leaving. Jen has always been mean and spoke with no common courtesy. But as we entered Freshman year, she had her first attempt. She hasn't been the same since. Instead of taking the bus with me, she walked home. But she never made it past the bridge that connects our neighborhood to downtown. Turns out she jumped in front of a truck and ended of breaking her leg and causing a massive brain injury with road rash and cuts all over her face and the left side of her body. The hospital kept her overnight but on her third night she attempted to stab the nurse with her IV needle. She just ripped it out of her arm and waited until the nurse came in. The doctors said that her attack was caused by her brain injury and her trauma, but I know better. Jen doesn't do something without intent. Now, it's Senior year, and it's Christmas Break, and Jen is more fucked up then I thought. She hadn't attacked anyone since that nurse. She actually seemed nicer after her accident. At least until Stacy and the sisters our Sophomore year. I just wish I said something before this godforsaken trip.

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Prologue : Sixth Grade in GregTown

I sat on the sidewalk at the end of my street waiting for the bus, it was my third day of school and already I wanted to go home and finish my mission in Need For Speed. It sounds weird but I really like anything to do with cars.

I have a whole collection of Hot Wheels cars in my closet in a large black container. My adoptive dad, Will, buys me hot wheels every birthday, Christmas, Easter, you name it. He'd find any excuse to buy me at least one hot wheel.

My adoptive mom, Eloise, on the other hand, she likes to do anything involving crafts so she'll find old rugs that have roads and buildings and she'll fix them and stitch more things onto it like speed limit signs and little people on the sidewalk. She'll build garages too for my favorite hot wheels to be parked in.

It's different having my parents, almost all of kids in my class were confused and even sometimes made fun of me for my birth parents not wanting me. The bus rides are nice though, It's quiet and I can listen to my MP3.

I hear the low rumble of the school bus and I stand up, brushing off the butt of my jeans. The bus pulls up to the curb and Ms.Mallory opens the door for me, giving me a sweet smile. I smile back and head down the aisle. I'm the first pickup so I head to the very far back to hide myself. I'm not good with socializing or even sitting in a group of people. I put in my headphones and turn up my music, staring out the window.

Once we've picked up all the kids Ms.Mallory drives downtown and pulls into the back of the school. Ah sweet GregTown Middle School. School mascot is Knights, and the teachers know your parents and your grandparents know your principal. Well everyone except me.

I grab my backpack, all bright orange, and I step off the bus after the other students. As I go through my morning, I notice a girl with dark brown hair up in a messy ponytail sitting across the room. She looks up at me and smiles. I smile back. I've never seen this girl in my life. There might be two-hundred kids in this school. I would've known who she was if she was here last year.

Her dress is a bright yellow and I grinned. Maybe I'll make a friend. She looked back at me from her paper and pointed at my backpack and did a thumbs up. I gave a nod back.

Our teacher, Mr.Palmer, looked up and saw me nodding at the girl and smiled. All of my teachers know how hard it is for me to make friends in such a small town, especially since I've only been here a little over a year. Also, my parents like to keep my school up to date on what is going on at home.

The bell rings a little bit later and I hand in my worksheet and walk out of class. I head for the cafeteria, pizza or nachos? Always a dilemma for me.

"Hey," a feel a hand on my arm and I look behind me. The girl from my class with the bright dress is following me.

"Hi," I say.

She tilts her head and lets go. Walking beside me, she says, "I'm new here, obviously." I nod. "I'm Jennifer Mace. But you can call me Jen."

"Okay," I say. We enter the cafeteria and head for the lunch line. She raises and eyebrow at me as I pick up a tray. "What?"

"What's your name?" She asks. She's a little bit taller then me, but for some reason she reminds me of a irritated kitten.

I follow the line and grab a milk. "Freya. Freya NightFall." I look over at her and she nods.

"Now you can be my friend." She says. I look away and grab a pizza from the counter. For some reason, my stomach filled with dread. I never met her in my life, but somehow I knew there was something more going on.

This was not the last time I had this feeling.

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