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This story is about two ladies named Claire and Jaycee Who have received a doll on their front porch but the door was cursed by their bully, Courtney Perkins

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The curse of Courtney Perkins

What is this box on my front porch?"asked Claire. I don't know"said Jaycee. It's a cursed doll"said Claire". Who put the curse on the doll?"asked Jaycee A woman named Courtney Perkins"said Claire". Who is Courtney Perkins?"asked Jaycee. I looked her up and it said that Courtney Perkins puts a curse on her victims from high school, And we are victims, she bullied us when I was in 11th grade"said Claire. i'll report this to the authorities"said Jaycee. i'll tell my dad, he is a police officer, and his brother is a judge, so we're going to get Courtney Perkins arrested"said Claire.

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