David Henry

5 teens find a treasure chest in a cave but the popular kids (the Dixon's) steal it from them will they get it back read to find out

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josh's alarm went off at 5:30 in the morning grunted and got up. he looked around his room and saw all of the clothes stranded around his room and put on the freshest smelling shirt and pants he could find.when he was ready he came down to the living room. to where he found his parents at the desktop. josh knew they didn't get up this early. even stranger they were on the computer (for the only reason that they didn't know how to work it) Josh's parents both looked at him "oh good morning sweetie". Josh's mom said "what are you doing up this early". I always get up this early" "um what are you doing on the computer". "should we tell him" Josh's dad whispered. "tell me what" Josh's mom and dad both looked at each other and his mom finally said we're moving". "what... what do you mean"we're moving to a small town called nauvoo Illinois. josh then ran upstairs to his room and locked the door. he picked up his phone and sent a text to his friends ( Liam, James, luke, and Ben)sorry guys butI'm moving :(

later that day "what do you mean your moving?" James asked "I woke up around my usual time and saw my parents on the computer looking for houses". then in the hallway they saw the dixions the Dixions were the popular ones. "what are they doin" ben asked."who knows its the Dixions" said Luke. one of the Dixions (Jeremy) announced "we will be going into the devil's forest. the forest was the haunted forest that spreaded many rumors around our town. "who ever is brave enough can come with us" josh knew he was just trying to find someone to go with him so he won't be alone. he turned to Ben and saw he had a determined look on his face. "oh no" Josh thought "he's going to get us all rapped up in some crazy stuff".like he always did since they were kids. Ben hated the Dixions more than any one else as a matter of fact. Ben was the protective one and always a good friend so that's probably why he became friends with him. Ben then walked up to Jeremy and said proudly "I'll go".josh then said "oh my god now we have to go" "why!" Liam exclaimed "he's a friend we can't just let him die like that" explained Josh "plus who knows what's in the devil's Forest" "alright then meet us at the forest at midnight" Jeremy said "ok then" Ben said in a sassy tone

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