jennifer-riggs Jennifer Riggs

Is a collection of writings and poetry that I've worked on and wrote originally, each piece is unique and has its own style and existence. Hopefully my work will show that good still exist and is still possible in some ways. Is part of a 3 book series.

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Mister gets what he wants

The rope was tied around my neck tightly
My body was tired and brushed
Sitting in the dirty floor
Waiting on my master to get done in the restroom
The woods we walk through are dark and long
My master jerked the rope around my neck and lead me to the woods
He then lead me through the woods to his cabin
The floor was dirty
My feet were sore and had cuts from thorns
The holder of the rope around my neck wanted me in his bed.
Wanted me to please him under his sheets
He wanted me to attend to his privates he needed to feel loved.
Master then put me in the shower with the rope still running sores into my neck
The water felt good over my damaged skin when he turned on the shower and started to get horny when he rinsed me off with his hands.
Master then tied me to a post of the bed.
He went to the kitchen the food smelled so good
I curled up on the bed and slept for a while.
He woke me up pulling my pants down I cried as he thrusted it in me. Over and over he thrusted in me.
He was rough pulling my hair and tightening the rope.
I choked at the door around my neck
He was pulling so hard at my head it bent backwards.pp
When he finished it was two days later I was tired and enjoyed my master having control of me I enjoyed his body shake everytime he orgasmed in me. I enjoyed being wanted physically it was a boring life staying on a rope. But it's my life with my master.
My master truly loves me and keeps me near him most time. He gives me a pourpse and meaning on my rope.
He gives me an excentric life.
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