Kavin Parimel

It's been 18 years. Maddy, Eli, and Jimmy are tired of waiting in the Lostville castle. They plot to escape, aiming for the freedom they should have had for a long time.

Публицистика 13+.

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The Intro

Our story begins in a faraway land, where everything is medieval. The land is called Lostville. All the newborn children are born in the said castle. When they are 18, they are escorted out of the castle to travel to anywhere they like by the Martinoa Dragon. However, one day, an evil witch came to the castle, and sent Martinoa to an eternal sleep, that can only be broken by a challenge to fight with the sword of emeralds. So far, there haven't been any children that have turned 18 and were trapped. Until today. Eli Bartlett woke up on his 18th birthday. And, you'd expect to bias him for being happy as he is getting 1 year older. But, he wasn't. For years, he's been trying to find the sword of emeralds with his stepbrother, Jimmy Aujila. These two were rather like Drake and Josh: dissimilar, but get along well. Their roommate, Maddy Ruiz, was more often than not sus. But, they always get over it in the end. Back to the present. Eli wakes up and sees Maddy look out the window. She says, "Today is the day we turn 18. I was promised that I would escape on this day. But today I woke up. And nothing feels different." Eli says, "Well, you're not the only one who has to suffer this. We all do. I just wish we could find the sword of emeralds and escape this dungeon." Jimmy wakes up. He gets up and pushes his bed to the center. "Jimmy, what are you doing?" Eli and Maddy both ask. Jimmy says, "I can't keep living like this forever. I have to escape. I'm going to find the sword of emeralds if it's the last thing I ever do!" Eli asks, "Well, why are you pushing the bed to the middle?" Jimmy says, "It'll make sense later on." Jimmy reaches up and grabs a key from the chandelier. He uses the key to unlock the door. "Jimmy, what are you doing?! We can't just escape!" Eli exclaims. Jimmy says, "C'mon, it's not the first time I've done something like this! We'll be fine, just trust me!" and he walks out of the room. "I've got a bad feeling about this!" Maddy says. She and Eli follow Jimmy. They try and talk him out of it, but Jimmy is not changing his mind. They argue until they reach the library maze. Above it, there is a red button. "Hey, what does this button do?" Jimmy says. Eli and Maddy scream, "JIMMY NO!" But it's too late. Jimmy already pressed the button.

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