Vidya Vijay

This is a story of three girls who were from the same school from their childhood and became friends. when the three was in their 11th grade something came up and 3 friends broke their friendship and when in three ways. read this book to know what was that storm that came in between their friendship

Драма Всех возростов.

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chapter-1 First Day of our 11th grade

It was my 1st day of 11th grade. I was so excited to see my friends back into the same school where I have studied for the last 12 years. even though I got them in the middle of my journey in that 12year.even though we have only met a few years back they mean a lot to meet that I was incomplete without them. They were my parents at the time of signing my exam paper, they were my sister when it come to my crush and many others. And together AVT. They were one of the most important reasons me to go back to the same hated school.

Excited too much but also going miss someone who was most important for me in my 10thgrade. I decided not to think of him and just move on and go with my motto “to make lot of new friends!!!”.

I reached the school at 9:10[quite early] there were some student whom I knew and some new to me near the hall. I went and stand in the queue which were formed near the hall next to me stood and waited for my friends to come, a girl name Aneena whom I met at the time of my interview in the school.

After some time a teacher called use to inside the hall. When I enter the hall I was surprised to see both of my two crazy friends Trish and Anju sitting in the middle row of chairs which was arranged by the school members for use. They came early than me and had reserved a chair for me too near them. I ran to them as saw them after ages and sat near them. While talking to them I just took a quick look through out the hall. It was crowded with students some in colour dress where as some in uniform of the school suddenly notice one child was seated next to me. when I took a close look she was my crushes best friend Nandu . I was shocked. For a formality (as she was my old class mate ) I started to talk to her with a hope of a rude reply,

“Hey, how do u do?“

“Hello, I'm fine” she replied graciously.

“Which stream have u taken¿?”


Same as mine!!!For every question of mine, she just surprised me with her answer. I thought she would be taking the science stream because all her friends including him have taken that stream.

After hearing from her At first, I had a positive feeling that she might be in my class and I would be able to be closer to him!!! But I stopped myself from thinking too much. As that wouldn’t be possible in this birth of mine.

At 9:35 the principal of the school came to the hall followed by some of the teachers, after a full-length boring speech of the principal we were taken to our classes by in-charge teachers. I ran to my class so that I can reserve the seat for me and Trish

We both were of the same stream “commerce “ but Anju took the “science stream”. That was the 1st time ever in our life we got separated. But this was not the end of our friendship. We kept on meeting in the breaks we got even it was for five minutes, we shared lunch, we broke all the rules of the school for our friendship.

Trish was in a relationship with a boy name Abhinav when she was in 10th grade but they broke up and he came to our school after his 10th and he happened to be in the same class. ,

Anju was in relationship with her boyfriend who was a friend for Abhinav. At first, I was happy for both because at least they had a relationship, they were not like mine who always waited for my crush. But I didn’t know that two fellows would become the reason for the break of our friendship……………


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