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Ava's Beginning

This is a story of a girl named Ava Lexington,she has her twin brother Luke,who is protective,loveable,caring,and really emotional.Then there is Quinn,her older brother who is overprotective,loving,and loves her dearly but when he calls her weak she gets angry and walks out the door to go for a walk to calm down.Mia Lexington,is Avas mom,Mia once said "Ava you have to start training to get stronger so you can fight the people who bully you."She gets abused by her father because she doesnt act like a girl should.

Ever since her dad abused her,her brothers have been protecting her.Now she is in high-school in her new school called Jackson so when she entered she acted like a softie but when the principals son said she looked weak Ava said "Meet me at the back of the school in twenty minutes so you can find something out."So far she has four friends like Nova Rosemarie and Reo Rosemarie who are twin siblings and then there are her other two friends which are Ace Johnson who is the principals son and Zeke Winstin he has been friends with Ava since they were five years old.

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