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The Demon

Dinesh was alone at his house. The previous night he had a bitter fight with his wife Lalita

and in the morning she went to her mother's house. They were married for 10 years but had no child.

. Dinesh was a police constable. He was addicted to alcohol. For a long time, she tolerated him but now she became peevish and felt irritated when he drank alcohol. She felt neglected by Dinesh, who seemed to be enjoying his life alone.

Dinesh continued to drink. Into the late night. Had his wife Lalita been present. she would have insisted on having food. Being alone he had no restraint.

It became midnight he started feeling sleepy. He dozed off while sitting. His house was a bungalow having some vegetation. and trees around. The weather was hot. For the economy's sake, they used air-condition sparingly so the ceiling fan was running at its full speed. And windows were open. All of a sudden in the outside lawn. two cats broke into a fight When cats fight their sound is quite fearsome and it sounds like that of a human child. Then a Black cat jumped inside through a window and ran inside.

Dinesh got startled. The cat stood and looked into the eyes of Dinesh. He felt uneasy. He waved his hands towards the Black cat signing him to go away . Instead, she ran inside.

Dinesh didn't like this disobedience by the cat. He took a rod and went in search of the cat. He searched inside rooms. He heard some noise in the Kitchen. When he went to the kitchen. He found the cat feeding 6 kittens lying in a corner. On seeing him the cat ran away through a window. The kitten started making a noise. They were too young to jump to the height of the window. They continued to speak meow, meow.

On any other occasion, Dinesh might felt tenderly for the kitten. But at that time. they looked like a big nuisance and disturbance to Dinesh.

With irritation, he lifted a kitten by its neck and threw it out of the window. He gave the same treatment to the rest of the Kittens. Then he went to bed. When he put off the light of the room. He saw two fearsome shining eyes from the ceiling. He put on the light there was none. Again he put off the lights and lay down. He continued to hear the kittens in his half-sleep. They talked in the human voice and singing like a rhyme, " Here lives a demon, Who looks like a human'

He could not sleep that night.

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JD Joel Del Carlo
Pretty good not as good as the ghost wife but keep up the good work man.