Ryder Bratcher

A 12 year old girl living a lie. She never met her sister, she knew about her but never met her. She had a brother that she did not even know about, and was not living with her real mother. Life suddenly took a turn when the King of the Kingdom of Koda decided to take her. Why? I think you need to fine out for yourself.

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The confusing beginning

"Ava, do you hear that?" I asked my friend? "Hear wha..........Wait that is not the carriage is it? The one my mom told us about, Alana?" Her face was white. "I think it is. We should go inside," I answered trying not to look scared. I'm Alana a 12 years old, I have dirty blonde hair, my eyes are what my mom calls misty gray, I have some freckles but not a lot. I always say that I don't look good, but my friend, Ava, always tells me that she is jealous of my looks. She has red hair that is gorgeous. I think she just tells me that she is jealous to make me feel better though. I love to read, write and explore. We had started running to the house......but the sound was getting closer, we thought it was too late. We had been told that if we heard a carriage we were to run inside. Why? Because children had been getting taken out of nowhere, one day someone saw a carriage come and take their kid, but all they could do was watch. Then the carriage was right there. I screamed, then told Ava to run, I said I was right behind her. I guess you could say I lied but it was for the best. Ava ran but stopped to see if I was coming, then she realized what I had done and started to make her way back to me. "NO!!" I screamed on the top of my lungs. "But I can't lose you, I just can't," Ava screamed through sobs. "But you won't, do you understand me? I will always be with you, and I will find you again someday, I promise I will try." Have you ever heard an ear piercing scream? Well imagine that but 10 times louder, that is how loud she is about to scream. "NO!! I LOVE YOU TO MUCH!!" I started to cry. "I LOVE YOU TOO, OKAY? NOW GET INSIDE!! REMEMBER I WILL TRY TO FIND YOU!!" The last thing I saw was Ava's screaming, tear stained face, then black. They must have hit me in the head because I woke up on a hard but somewhat comfortable bed. I thought of Ava, had she gotten away? Had I gotten away?. I felt cold and hungry, I didn’t know what to do. I opened my eyes and jerked awake with a start. I felt my cheek, it was wet, I thought it was because I had been crying. I looked at my hand. There was enough light in the little dim room to see that my hand that I had put on my cheek was red. I started to get a little nervous. I was bleeding, in a room that might have been a jail, and it was very dim, I had no idea where I am, and I miss my mom. Then I heard someone's footsteps. Now I'm not nervous, I am terrified, and started to panic. Then I watched the door knob turn. I braced myself for what was coming, the door opened, I held my breath. Then I was struck dumb, I was amazed, the person standing in front of me was a boy about my age, and he was quite handsome to be honest. He had black hair and beautiful brown eyes. They just seem so smooth. He did not look like he would hurt me. "Good morning madam," he said. "Where am I? And why am I here?" I answered coldly. "Ah, yes. I am sorry we had to take you like that.....''I cut him short. "Did you take Ava?" He looked a little confused for a minute, then said. "Oh, your friend? No, we did not take her, we only needed you." That was it, I was to annoyed, I could not keep myself for it, " AND WHY DO YOU NEED ME!?" I screamed, "WHO ARE YOU? WHERE AM I? WHY AM I IN A ROOM THAT IS LIKE, I DON'T KNOW A JAIL? AND WHY IS MY FACE BLEEDING?" The boy looked at me, I kinda started to regret screaming but then I didn't. "Well, I am Ryan, and this is actually not a jail, sorry we did not have any other rooms ready, but I came down here to move you to a better room, and I am sorry you are bleeding once we get to your room I will explain everything and you can attend to your face. He held the door open for me, and as I walked by I whispered, " I am sorry for yelling." He just laughed and said, " I would have yelled too, you were scared and did not know what was happening, I don't blame you." He noticed me smiling at him. "You have a beautiful smile, you know? And I don't think I ever got your name. My dad, the king," he said looking a little disappointed, "sent me down without telling me." I blushed at his compliment, " I am Alana." I was still wondering where I was when he said, "Oh, and by the way we are at a place you probably don't know but we are in the castle of the kingdom of Koda. Koda means friend by the way." I stopped walking and looked at him in amazement, like honestly I was not that surprised, but then I was. "Ha, yes I know what you are thinking, you are very surprised to find yourself in a castle, I understand." Wow!! I thought no one but Ava knew me that well to tell what I was thinking. Then I stopped and looked at him with a serious face, (and that is surprising because normally I don't like being serious) "What happened to Ava?" I said with somewhat of a demand in my voice. "Well, we did not do anything with her so she must be at her house." I relaxed a little, "I need to go and see her, I don't want to, I need to, do you understand?" He looked at me a little sadly, "You know what I think I am going to like you, and I wish you could but we have to keep you safe here. Maybe they will let you send her a letter."


"And I will, I promise but we need to get to your room first, and please stop yelling, I know you are confused and everything but it would help me. Please.

"I am sorry," I whispered a little shyly.

We did not say anything more until they got to my new room. "Okay, here it is, sorry it is not the best one we have but," he said as he opened the door. " Are you kidding me? This is amazing!!" The floor was marble, very pretty marble and the bed had gold bars and around it were beautiful flowers!! There was a dresser that was gold and blue, then a desk with a mirror in front of it, and a hairbrush laying on it. Then it had a bathroom, it was the most wonderful bathroom I had ever seen!! It had two sinks, a big mirror and everything that I needed to get ready for the day, even more!! "Oh, now you are going to like the tub," Ryan said as he walked over to the bathtub. "Why?" I asked. "Because it does this," (I had already noticed that there were 5 taps) He turned on one and water came out, then he turned on another one and this time bubbles came out they were yellow. "Wow!! That is really cool," I said. "Yes everyone seems to like the tub most," he laughed. "Oh well I am not everyone, I am no one and I like the room the best!"

"How can you be no one?" He said as he tried to fight back a laugh.

"Well I don't know, maybe I just think I am a no one because like nobody but Ava pays attention to me." Now he stopped laughing. "Oh, I am sorry." I looked at him with a confused face then finally said, "Oh, no it is okay." I had never had someone just go, oh I am sorry, right when I tell them what was wrong. It felt a little weird. Ryan could tell that I was uncomfortable, and said, "I am sorry." "Hmmm, why are you sorry?" I said looking at him in a way that he just had to think I was cute. Of course I did not know what he was thinking but after that I could tell that he looked at me differently. "Oh, I thought I was making you feel uncomfortable," he said, looking at his feet a little. "Ha, no it is just no one, especially not a stranger has said I am sorry that quickly when it is not their fault, so it kinda feels weird." I said as we moved from the bathroom to sit in the bed. I had completely forgotten about my cheek. I turned to the window, and let out a loud scream. "Is........is that a DRAGON!!!!" I yelled a little louder than I meant to. "Oh, yes, that is a dragon, we have a lot of them. Soon if you stay long enough you will have your own dragon that you can ride." He laughed. I looked at him like he was joking but he did not look like he was not even a little. "Either you are a good liar or I just heard you wrong." I said it was tiring to look serious.

"Nope, I am not joking," he said in difficulty because he was trying not to laugh, "and you did not hear me wrong. We have dragons and they are our pets. They are like dogs but they fly and breathe fire." Now it was my turn to laugh. "Well, I.......are you sure I am going to get a dragon?"

"Yes I am pretty sure you will." I could not believe my ears. I love dragons, I always dreamed of them!! (I am a fantasy book nerd.) "What other mythical creatures do you have here?" I asked, trying to keep myself from laughing with joy. "Well, let's see we have dragons, griffins, elf's, and oh, right centaurs and a bunch more that you will learn of in time." By then I am rolling on the bed laughing like the weirdo I am. "I think I am going to love it here," I laughed. "Oh, Alana, your cheek. How about we go fix that up and I will tell you everything that I know." I felt my cheek there was still a little blood coming from it, then I looked at him and said "Right I forgot!!" As we walked to the bathroom he told me that we were in a kingdom that normally no one had ever heard of except for the lucky ones. "Oh so I guess I am a lucky one!" I said with a laugh. "I guess you could call yourself that." Once in the bathroom he got everything I needed to help my cut because I did not know where anything was. "So why did you take me?" I asked as I put a damp washcloth to my cheek. "Well,we were not planning on taking you then but they were there and we had to save you so we decided to bring you back here." My head was buzzing with so many questions. "What do you mean you were not planning on taking me then? And who was there?"

"So we knew someone was looking for you. That is why we put you in that neighborhood with Grace."

"Are you talking about my mother?"

"Oh, she never told you, did she? Well the person you think is your mother is not your mother, and, when I said, we knew they were coming. Well, I meant the fire witch," he whispered the last part very quietly. I look at him for a few minutes waiting for him to say I am joking. He did not, so I finally said, "What does the fire witch want with me?"

"That is what we can not find out. That's why we are hiding you though."

I wish life did not have to be so complicated, I thought. I sighed a deep sigh. "Well, your training starts tomorrow, you should be up by 7 o'clock. Cafe closes at 9, so I would not sleep in." Now life is just getting even more confusing. "What do you mean by training?" I said looking at him like he was crazy, "I don't have training."

"Well, now you do. You will start with archery then you will move to archery on a horse, then we will talk about the other stuff later."

"Well, what am I going to do for the rest of the day?"

"I could take you on a tour then we can go to the library, then we will make our way to the dining table, but first I will have 30 minutes of training." Well, I guess that sounds nice I thought. "Okay that sounds like a good idea. Do you like to read? Because I do. Reading is amazing!" I said looking at him with big eyes. "Yes I love to read. You will love the library by the way. I can show you some of my favorite books."

"I would love that!!" I said with a sort of relief in my voice. " So where are we going first?"

"Well, I was thinking about saving the library for last and I was just going to give you a tour around the boring stuff," Ryan said with a little chuckle at the end. As we walked around, I asked some questions. "Okay, so if I have not been living with my real mom then where is she? Is she alive? Or did she die?" I asked, afraid of the answer. "Well, we don't really know what happened to her but she died somehow. I am really sorry."

"No, no it is okay. I don't know why I should be sad, I never knew her." Ryan thought for a minute. " I think I would still be sad," he said finally. "Well, I guess I am. Oh, and who is this fire witch?"

"Well, once we get to the library I will try to find a book about her so you can see." He said with a side glance at me. "Okay they better have pictures because I want to see what she looks like." Finally Ryan had showed me where everything was and where I would have practices, and eat, all that kind of stuff we got to the library. "Wow!! I think this is my favorite part so far." I exclaimed. "This is.......wow!" The library had so many books I wanted to touch and read them all. It had those ladders that would move along the shelves. It was just awesome. "Yes I know it is amazing, that is what I thought when I first saw it."

"How old were you?" I asked. "Well, let's see I was......5 I think." He answered with a smile.

"What no way, I can not believe you could come in here when you were 5. I wish I had a library like that around that age." As I said it I looked at him with admiring eyes. "Well," Ryan said a little uncomfortably, "would you like me to show you some of my favorite books?"

"Yes I would love that, then I would like to look around." I beamed. "Okay, they are over here in fantasy and adventure, those types are my favorite." After he showed me all he's top favorite books I went to find a book that might have anything about the fire witch. I at least want her real name. It is kinda annoying just calling her the fire witch, I like calling people by their real name. I decided to go look in the witch section and after looking through about 10 books I found it! I was so excited and a little nervous to find out.

"Once there was a fire witch, she lived in the woods some miles from a small town. The townspeople were afraid to go into the woods of course because well, they are people. They did not know what the witch did exactly but they had some ideas, all of them were false though. Then one winter night they saw a bright light coming from the woods. They went to see what had happened. Trees were ablaze; it smelled really bad. Smoke, bright lights, they started grabbing buckets of water. It took a long time but they had some help. It had started to rain. Then once the fire was gone they went to try and find out what had caused the fire. They found what had caused it, it did not take long. It was the witch's house! Slowly they started to get closer to the house, it grew warmer and warmer the closer they got. Soon one of them opened the door. It was hard to see, the room was full of smoke and everything in that little room was on fire, even the witch who was in the middle of the room. Well really it was only her red dress that was on fire, like.......you could see the flames on the dress but it was not burning it to ashes, or bothering her. For a moment they stood there then they all ran for their lives. After that the witch decided it was not safe for her to stay there anymore and departed."

I turned the page to see if there was more and nearly screamed and dropped the book. It was a picture of the witch. She looked like someone I knew, like someone that could be…. related to me! "Hey Ryan, is it okay if it is okay if I take this book?" I asked without looking up. "Well, I guess if you want to," he answered looking at the book. "Thanks, when do I need to bring it back?"

"Well, you are staying here so I guess whenever you are done." He said looking at my face with a little worry. My face at that time was white with shock. "Alana, are you okay?" There was no answer. "Alana?" I was back on earth with a start. "I am sorry, what did you say?" I asked a little vaguely. "Well ummm, I was just asking if everything was okay," Ryan said with way more worry in his voice. I forcefully laughed, "No, everything is okay I am just going to look for some more books. I think I will be ready soon."

"Okay, yeah tell me when you are ready," he said, but I was already gone. I did not understand why this is making me so.......I don't know....scared I guess. I thought as I went to the back where I thought there was nobody. Well, I was wrong, there is someone. "Hello my name is Fred," the guy said looking at me. "Oh, hi I am Alana," I answered after I had found where he was standing. "Are you okay? Because you look like something is bothering you."

"It's none of your business," I said, colder than I meant to. He looked shocked. "I am sorry, yes something is bothering me but I would rather not talk about it to a stranger."

"Oh, okay I understand," he answered, shaking away his shock. "I am Fred like I have already said, I like pranks and books. Not school because though, and I am training here so they let me stay here. Why are you here Alana?" He asked, looking straight at me. "Well, I am......... I'm here for training too so I guess we will be seeing each other around here." Fred's face lit up. "That is great, well I will see you around and as he walked away I got a better view of him. He looked about a year older than me and had quite a few freckles on his face, his hair was a brownish red color and he was pretty tall, and good-looking. For a minute I thought I was in love, but then how could I be if I liked Ryan? "Alana?" Said a voice behind me. It made me jump, I turned around so quickly I almost fell. Oh, it was just Ryan. "Oh, hey there Ryan, you scared me for a minute." I said relief flooding my voice. "Yeah, sorry I didn't mean to startle you, but are you ready to go?" He said looking at me with way more worry than before. "Yeah let me just get one more book then I have to go to the bathroom." I said a little fast because I was eager to get to the bathroom. "Okay, I will be waiting at the front desk." Then I was going again. As I was running to the bathroom a book caught my eye. I grabbed it without really looking at it. Once I got to the bathroom I closed and locked the door. Then spirited to the mirror. I thought I was going to pass out for a minute. My face was so white it looked like I was a ghost. I was breathing heavily because I was nervous and because I ran really fast to get here. That is why Ryan was looking at me like that. Fred did not act like my face looked white or weird. I cleaned my face then went to find Ryan. He looked a little surprised when he saw that my face was not white anymore. Like he actually expected me to keep it like that I thought. I walked over to him and without looking at him said, "I am ready to go." He seemed a little surprised when I did not look at him but answered, "Okay. I will walk you to your room then I have to go to training, but dinner should be in 30ish minutes." As we walked back to my room Ryan kept stealing glances at me and asked me twice if I was okay. Once we got to my room he said, "Well, I gotta go train if you want to come you can........ Alana is something bothering you?" He looked really worried. I guess my face was white again. "No, nothing is bothering me. I am fine, and I would like to stay here please," I said without looking him in the eyes. I honestly did consider telling him, but I don't think I am ready to tell anyone about it. As I lay in bed I put my hands in my pockets, I felt something cold, I had forgotten that I had my phone in my pocket when they took me. As I took it out I prayed that it was still working. I turned it on......it worked! Yes! Maybe I could send Ava an email and then I can listen to music. I love music about as much as I love books. I felt my other pocket and found my charger and a picture of my sister that I had never met. I wish I had. Then it came to me. She looked like......no, it couldn't be. I grabbed the book about the fire witch and found the picture. They kinda looked the same but it couldn't be. Then I looked hard and made myself like it was not her. A little relaxed now I laid down on my new bed and let my brain think. Then I thought of something that I really did not want to like about. I thought of Fred then I thought of Ryan. I groaned a little, How could I think I was falling for someone else? I was already crushing on Ryan. Love is sometimes annoying. Why can't it be easier?" I whispered to myself. "Alana, are you ready for dinner?" I heard Ryan say through the door. I thought about saying that I was not hungry but then my stomach started to grumble. "Yes I will be out in one minute" I answered a little quietly. I went to the bathroom and checked my face to make sure it was not white and then opened the door and followed Ryan down stairs.

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