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Astrid doesn't know her parents or where she came from, all she knows is she's cursed with the mark of the beast, in order to unearth her past she must endure the worst parts of being a werewolf and me some mysterious creatures along the way. Battling Love, Lust and morals she fights her way to the truth of her beginnings.

Фэнтези Городская фантазия 18+.

#werewolves #vampire #fantasy #romance #supernatural #spooky #suspense #thriller #love #sex
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Control (revised)

An autumn breeze fills the air and swells with heat. The type of heat that covers your skin and makes itself at home. Astrid opens her eyes, laid back in the middle of a large golden field with flecks of green scattered about, she takes a deep breath. The breeze flows throw Astrids eyelashes and untamed, wavy, red hair. making them sway back and forth. her hair tangled amongst the grass. she stretches and rolls to her side. the sky is painted a pink and purple hue with white streaks of cloud dusting the vast canvas.

"Astrid!" a voice cries in the distance.

Astrid shoots up to her feet, brushing all the grass and dirt off herself. walking towards her is a young girl, around 17 with long dark brown hair, wavy, with a disheveled look to it. she stands with confidence but lack the height of a king. (she's short)

" I've looked for you everywhere!" the girl yells her cheeks flushed red, and panting like she had run a marathon.

" sorry I was..." Astrid mumbles.

"well?..." the girl puts her hands on her hips like a questioning mother.

"Thinking, I needed space." Astrid scratches her head smiling carelessly. her lanky limbs swallowed by her large black knitted sweater. " sorry Ella, I really am."

Ella rolls her piercing blue eyes. " no one needs to think for an entire day."

"probably not, but space, now that's necessary."

"I guess..." Ella's arms drop to her sides, she looks absolutely defeated. " you were going to teach me how to hunt today..."

"oh, shit.... I forgot I promised that... can I take you up on that tomorrow? we should really head back home, it's getting dark." Astrid places a hand on Ella’s shoulder.



the girls both interlock their pinky fingers and then let go beginning to walk towards the woods. Taking their time they walk through the forest, crunching dead leaves and twig beneath their feet. weaving in and out of trees, until they reach an old wooden cabin. almost hidden entirely by the forest itself.

The two walk to the door and open it carefully, Inside are two other men.

one tall and thin with blonde shaggy hair, and green eyes. the other golden brown skin, muscular with dark brown eyes and black tamed hair.

"Astrid, Ella so nice of you to show up!" the blonde says.

"Oren, it's not that serious at least they're safe." the other boy states.

"yeah this time." Oren scoffs and begins clanking around in the kitchen.

"Sorry Ezra, I didn't think we were gone that long."

Ezra looks hopeful at Astrid, "as long as you both are safe, I have no issue." he smiles " Tonight's a full moon, I'm glad you made it back."

"shit" Astrid plops onto the couch and rubs her temples. "I thought that was next week?"

"it's tonight, it's going to be very hard to control yourself, Change is going to be inevitable." Oren says from across the counter in the kitchen

Astrid looks exhausted and worn out. while Ella is beaming with excitement.

"I can't wait to change!" Ella giggles with joy.

"calm down, you need to take this seriously Ella, this is going to be a challenge, you'll need a lot of self control." Ezra warns.

" I AM in control." Ella pouts like a toddler and stomps her foot.

"that little show right there says otherwise." Oren laughs while putting water to a boil over the stovetop.

the girls both both sitting on the couch in-front of the dull glow of the tv screen. the boys on the floor. Oren sprawled out with a few pillows and Ezra leaning back on Astrids legs Astrid pets his hair as he closes his eyes. Ella gets up to look outside.

"it's happening! it's here!" Ella shouts looking out the window the four rush outside and begin their change.

Astrid begins to feel feverish, accompanied by a burning feeling all through out her body, agony for a moment or two and then suddenly she is a beast. Her mind works in many different ways now, her heart beating rapidly in her chest, she lets out a powerful howl to the moon and the rest join in. The moon sits high in its nest of clouds and seems to glow brighter now with the wolves greeting. The four stand in silence for the moment Ezra and Ella black as night with their piercing blue eyes, and Astrid and Oren lightly colored kissed orange and brown with ethereal yellow eyes. Definitely an odd pack, but they fit together so perfectly you can hardly tell that only Ezra and Ella are related. They play in the moon light like puppies on their first walk. Oren’s ears perk up, and he is so surprisingly still. It’s time for the hunt.

“Control” warns Ezra, he doesn’t use words he just nods and the others some how know what he means. The all look at each other for a moment and then bolt into the night like hellfire, paws hitting the cold ground. Leaves and fallen twigs crunch and snap as they run. The beautiful scent of autumn fills the cold night breeze. Before they know it the sun is rising and the transformation begins. Still hidden in the forest the four begin their change back to normalcy. Standing amongst the trees a nude Astrid emerges out of breath, with some new bruises and cuts to decorate her porcelain skin. She was the first to change back. Next was Ezra and Elle and then Oren, none fazed by their lack of clothing, this was typical for the wolves to shed their human forms clothing when changing into their true form. The rising sun paints the sky pink and orange and the light glistens off Astrids skin as it leaks through the dense leaves of the tree tops.

“Well that was fun.” Astrid laughs making her way back to the cabin.

They all smirk and follow.

“Did you see me? I was sooooo in control.” Ella brags.

“If you were “soooo in control” you would’ve changed back first like Astrid.” Oren nudges Astrids shoulder and smiles “good job Azie I never thought you’d get it.”

“Thanks…” Astrid blushes and stares downward at her feet. “I’m gunna get dressed.”

“Meeee tooo” Ella giggles and skips to her room.

Astrid looks up and locks eyes with Oren. His green eyes fixated for a moment, on Astrids warm stare. She breaks away and Ezra begins to head to his room silently.

“ we get it you two like each-other.” Ella yells down the hall now dressed in flannel sleep pants and a large shirt.

“shut up!” Astrid crosses her arms and pouts like a toddler.

“ make it less blatantly obvious.!” Ella skips to the living Room and sits right next to the small black coffee table and clicks on the tv.

“ IM GUNNA GET DRESSED.” Astrid shouts absolutely embarrassed. She slinks away to her bedroom.

“Hey kid, isn’t it your bed time?”

Oren laugh and heads to his room not far behind Astrid.

“HeY KiDd…” Ella mocks him, and then sticks her younger out. “ shut up”

Astrid searches through her closet for something comfortable. She pulls out her favorite off the shoulder sweater and a pair of flannel shorts with fuzzy socks. She looks at her self in the body length mirror close to the door. She tousles her hair around and sighs.

Astrid is absolutely beautiful, reddish long wavy hair, porcelain skin sprinkled with freckles, and a tall lean body, larger chest than most, with welcoming hazel eyes, and rose colored lips. But, All Astrid sees is a beast, A mutt, a cursed being. She does not see her beauty, she only sees her flaws.

Sighing she opens the door to accompany Ella in the front room. To her surprise Oren and Ezra are also sprawled out on the couch.

“This is soo fake, I would never wait that long for someone.”

Oren says scratching his head.

“Well he does that because HE LOVES HER OREN!” Ella shakes her head, “something you don’t know about”

“Who says I’ve never been in love?”

Oren laughs.

“Me, oh… wait you LOVE Astrid right.”

“Here we go.”

“You do though, don’t you?” Ella looks at Oren with expectant eyes.


“Guys I’m right here please shut up….” Astrid says calmly while the storm inside her brews rapidly. Anxiety.

“We are watching a chick flick, thanks to yours truly.” Ella winks at Astrid patting the ground next to her as if to offer a seat. Astrid meekly walks over and sits cross legged on the ground next to Elle.

“It’s about a girl in New York following her dreams to become professional dancers, and she meets the love of her life, but he disappears…” Ella stops starting at Astrid “but you’ll have to watch for the rest.” Ella touches the tip of Astrid nose and giggles.

“Oren are you enjoying this?” Ezra smirks kicking back on the couch.

“I’m… no this is horrible.” Oren sighs.

“Can we please watch something else?” Oren and Ezra beg Ella.

“Guys it’s getting late, I'm heading to bed….” Astrid yawns and stretches before getting up walking back toward the hallway.

“See you all bright and early!”

The others wave asteroid off to bed. As soon as she hits the pillow she is sound asleep.

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