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Beginning a New

Damn another night and not much to get into. My daughter and I finally moved into our new home and only the Lord knows how greatful we were. Neveah and I had truly come a long way, my she was about to turn seven and deserved nothing more in the world then to have a stable loving home. Never would I have thought that I was capable of bouncing back from being homeless for three years, hell now that I think about it maybe even longer.

P.g 1

At some point honestly I lost recollection of my so distorted time line of life on this earth. Growing up in Illinois was some of the best and worst times I could ever have overcome. You can't be built weak coming from the land of the savage. But by the grace of God I made it over, under, and through each trial or tribulations that tried to break ever bit of the little spirt I had left. This is with what I would consider to be most of my mind left in tact.

P.g 2

At this point in life nothing felt better then knowing that I had made it out of hell and high water just to get the little bit of something we had. Moving and transitioning from place to place stemed from my child hood experiences, so to be honest I was all to keen on losing more then you have gained. At this point I was just overwhelmed with the thought of some weight being lifted off of my shoulders. As I put the kitchen utensils and food away, the ringing of the doorbell shocked me out of my low key trip back down memory lane. Not having one single idea of who could possible be coming to my home, seeing as Neveah and my family all still resided in Illinois. I hesitantly, in a mild pitch tone refrence as to whom it may be; and proceeded to look out of the window of my front door.

P.g 3

Oh wow, it completely slipped my mind that Amy, one of the volunteers from the shelter Neveah and I stayed in before moving into our new homble abode. She was bringing by a few things that she felt as though would help with the needs of a single mother and child. Till this day I will forever and immensely be indebted to her willingness to adminester empathy to a lost soul. As I present myself to open the door instantly I greatest her with an open arm embrace before she could even step across the threshold of the doorway. We proceeded to guide one another arm and arm down the hallway that lead to my living room area, which was as bare as a church with sinners in it.

P.g 4

Oh hun, I am so very proud of you Amy says, as she starts to free here hands and place some of the belongings she brought with her on the carpeted floor. Instantly my heart dropped when I realized that she had bought Neveah and I our first set of bedding. To say the least her taste definitely spoke for itself. We chatted for a few minutes seeing as she was a pretty busy women and had a family of her own to tend to.

P.g 5

Finally time to kick back and relax. My first visitor was a success and had headed home seeing as it was pretty late in the evening and of course we had an extremely busy day scheduled in refrence to Neveahs first day in a new school. And my official first day of working as a housekeeper in one of the local nursing homes. At this point in the day it was time for me to let all of the extravagant magnitude of emotions I was dealing with simmer down. Neveah had willingly cooled her jets and sauntered off to a dream filled sleep.

P.g 6

As my mind began to slowly come back down to earth, but of course the aggressive chimming of my phone ringing intruded my thought process. I changed into my im not tired or being rude cause its past ten pm at night voice. Hello, I answered in a somewhat exhausted, drowsyish tone. While thinking in the back of my head who in the world could be trying to contact me at this hour.

P.g 7

The voice on the other end of the receiver sounded vaguely familiar. Hay there stated the somewhat masculine tone that began to saunter into the depths of my right ear. "Hows it going , are you gals all settled in yet?" Yes, all is well I reiterated back to the unknown, but yet familiar individual. The first thing that comes to mind is to just ask who it was, but for some reason a part of me felt as though that question would not be a good form of telephone etiquette. Despite the fact that the person on the other end had yet to disclose to me whom they could possible be. interupted mid thought the distinct voice spu's out Martha in a more subtle welcoming manner then my first impression upon answering the call. She goes on to tell me her purpose for calling was to congradulate my child and self on a job well done pertaining to leaving the shelter and standing on my own two feet. Martha went on exclaiming in sheer glee that Andrew (husband), and self would be making a trip to Baymont soon and would love to stop by seeing as we would be available.

P.g 5

They both had been volunteers right along with Martha sitting on the board committee. The Church that they attended in the town of Morris had been helping homeless and displaced families by providing food, room, and board at their personal location's. To be honest they where both God send for my daughter and self. Before Neveah and I exited the shelter New Hope, Martha and Andrew blessed us with a vehicle. Words couldn't express how elated I was to have been graced with their love and support. I had never seen such selflessness and empathy, at least not in my life time. The both of them where definitely angels in a human form. Walking back to my room which was directly across from my daughters, I let out a deep sigh of relief low key feeling somewhat accomplished on the inside. shimming Shimmying into my make shift bed on the floor I thanked God as my eye eyelids meet my eye balls.

P.g 6

I awakened to the soft essence of the sunlight hitting the small of my neck which gave me a joy that I had once believed to be inevitable maybe even unattainable at some point. After my late night phone call I decided to call it a night. Martha had some pretty good news, she had spoken with a friend and was able to get me a job at one of the local nursing homes, Greater Senior living I belive the name was! Deep down I never imagined working in any form of health care. I remember a time when my dughters father consistently tried to convince me that working in a nursing home the pay would be great, but for some reason I had always been complete against giving that form of career a tenth of thought. With my current circumstances I had no room to try and choose how bills would be paid and food would be placed on the table. Thank God for having a connection that had a connection! Who knew that keeping a smile on one's face and staying humble even when you are at your lowest of low could turn a dem light into a ray as powerful as the Sun. In the back of my mind all I could think was damn girl, you road a turbulant life like a champ.

P.g 7

It was going to be a crazy hectic day. Neveah was starting her first day at a new school and I had orientation for my new housekeeping position. For it to be mid December in Minnesota it was fairly warm out. No worse then a serine autumn day! Mommy, mommy chimed in my ears like a sweet song birds serenade. My sugar plum a.k.a Neveah, had finally awaken. Hay there love bug I serenely replied, are you ready for ur first day of school I said with a huge smile plastered across my face. As my babies beautiful brown skin glistened from the hue of light that was peaking its radiance trough the blinds in my room as she stood in my doorway. Her hesitance to answer lead me to belive she wasn't quit ready to get her day going. Of curse she had to be on edge. I had relocated my child to another world that neither one of us full understood just yet.

P.g 8

Neveah had just turned seven and only knew what I chose to allow her to experience. I also belive living in multiple shelters may have caused some internal damage. Hay sweetie how about we go brush your teeth and pick out a pretty outfit. Then we can do some cute little ponies or braids for your big day, I excitedly asked my kid. She placed a slight smile on her face and hesitantly replied that she "did not want to go to a new school and wouldn't make any friends." I personally new exactly how she felt. As a child I moved all around Illinois. Having two parents addicted to drugs didn't make for a very safe or stable foundation. My siblings and I did not have the most ideal childhood. The times that I can vaguely remember from head start up until I was in the third grade where of my older sister Raya and I attending more then seven different schools ranging from inner city to west suburban towns. So as a mother, I definitely wanted different for any human I brought into this world.

P.g 9

It was a process but I finally got a half way decent hairstyle in the child's head an anything that was sparkly as far as clothing goes to satisfy Neveah's personal need, which would definitely expedite a few steps in order for us to get out of the door on time. As I scrambled to grab everything I felt we needed for the day, I remind my self to woosa, as we headed out the door to jump in good old Betsy (who was a 1996 all white Buick). It was early December and the sun shined as bright as a sunflower.

P.g 10

The Townhouses we lived in where fairly new. We lived on a rural road that had the most beautiful open marsh land with trees that seemed to be as tall as the Eifel Tower. Minnesota was such a sight to see compared to the rugged poverty stricken world I derived from. On the way to school we stopped to have a quick breakfast In the town of Benton. A mother could never loose with a little Mc Kie D's, especially the Mc Grittle hash brown, and a large cup of OJ. Pulling up to the school I definitely became a little overwhelmed with the thought of feeding my kid to the wolves. Now and days kids where invasivlly cruel and on top of that placing her in a very minimally diverse environment had me extremely on edge. As I put the car in park I continued to reassure my child that God was going to bless her with and tremendous day and that I could not wait for her to come home after and tell me all about it.

P.g 11

I got in the parking lot on my job found an actual decent parking spot. Seeing as I was more then on time I let my set back, this relied on me reaching down in between my legs and shifting the handel uppward in the middle of the bottom of my chair so that I could shift my ass back just a bit for some more leg room. I happily lit a cigarette so that the very much needed form of pre- existing conditions to enter into my lungs and chest. Slowly I inhale and exhale sinking deeper into the curvature of my seat. As I take a free minute to prepare my self for the day that is about to in a way change my life for the better. I allow a few seconds to go by and realize I still needed to meet with HR to do my final paper work. Hastily I jumped out of my car not even remembering or thinking to lock the doors. Thank goodness I didn't have to worry about locked doors out in this mofo. I slightly laughed to myself outloud.

P.g 12

As I walked down the path way that led to the employee entrance I noticed how appeasing the scenery was from the physical appearance of the facility to the exterior landscaping that gave vibrant vibes. I was focused and so ready to get money when u grow up from pretty much nothing u learn that getting to the bag is the main focus. I walked into the side entrance that was just a little ways off from the main entrance. It had a little courtyard that had tan and brown hues from the cold they had endured. Entering the building I felt a sense of hesitation. In that moment I instantly reverted back to one of my ole somany first days of school. The thought of being the new person never sits well with anyone, so I belive to think. Directly apon entering the second doorway.

P.g 13

There was a coat rack to the left of me with tons of winter atier, time clock straight ahead with an employee bulliten board, a few bathrooms, locker rooms to my right, a spacious dinning area, fridge, tables, chair's (recliner's), and microwave. Adding to that abundance there where nice double picture window's that painted a view of the vibrant, but dull court yard. I located the locker that was assigned to me and proceeded to the time clock. As unfamiliar faces passed too and fro I began to urgently make my way out of the employee loung. After meeting with HR. I had to walk through what was called station one. Honestly as soon as I hit the floor instantly I felt the full vibe of what a nursing home living was like. Not only from the smell, but the full on appearance of siluets of elderly people sitting by their windows watching birds feed on the feeders, in which they had thems selves gifted. As I continued down what I now consider to be the never ending corador hallway I set my sights on the housekeeping closet with full intention of no longer sporaticly becoming distracted by my own thoughts. Once I made my way to the cleaning closet I began to prepare my cleaning cart and patiently wait on my trainer. Mid cart prep, my trainer Sandy casually burst into the door and seemed to me by the look on her face to be of shock that I had already began our duties and was more then ready and rearing to go.

P.g 14

It was finally break time and the only thing on my mind was nicotine that I was going to ingulf into my lungs. As I made my way towards the break room one of the other housekeeprs began to flag me down, she was a very beautiful chick. she wore a bun on the top of her head that reminded me of Marge Simpson without the stand out blue, but a very thick wave curl pattern that was to die for. it was full of high and low lights of brown. I pause in my tracks thinking to myself what could she possible want from me. As she met me at the break room door where I was standing in the never ending hallway she had a hug smile on her face and what I thought was a polite, monitone, but textured voice. Hello, hows it going my name is Savvy its nice to meet you. I replied hay how are you my, name is Magna very nice to meet you as well. I'm heading on my break you wanna pcome with Savvy says. Well I bagan to exclaim, honestly I was just about to head out for a smoke. As I fixed my toung to ask if she smoked. Perfect Savvy spu's out.Great minds think alike!

P.g 15

From what I could tell the young lady seemed to be pretty chill. Me being an Aries women, I always put limitations on insta friendships. Any who, we began to talk and out the blue she ask me "is this your first time working in a nursing home? Yes, I replied. Why do you ask, is it that obvious I'm somewhat unfamiliar with the does and dont's. Savvy let out a lough of what seemed to be frustration mixed with content. That makes alot of sense as to why the entire facility smells like straight up bleach she responds.

P.g 16

She continues to explain that she couldn't figure out who it could have been and come to find out I was the cooperate. In my mind as I thought about it I am definitely a hug bleach lover walking through a place that smells like constant elderly adults didn't sit well with me. Must have had a stank look on my face because Savvy made a good choice and switched the topic of conversation. So are you from up this way Magna? Not quit only been here for a few months. I am from Chicago, Illinois the beautiful windy city. What the hell are you doing all the way in this neck of the woods. In my mind I was thinking to myself these white people must not see alot of black folks often because I can swear she is like the umpteenth person to ask me that same question.

P.g 17

As the conversation perceived Savvy and I came to find out we had way more in common then expected, such as the day we were born. Both bull headed Aries women which could be a kumbaya friendship or a ship in the dead of the Sea ready to sink. I looked forward to getting to know her either way. Growing up the way I did kept my heart and emotions very guarded with a vault door that only God has the combination to. As we proceeded to go back inside after ingulfing atheist four cigarettes a piece, we exchanged contact info and finished up what was the rest of a pretty productive day in my book.

P.g 18

It was finally time to clock/out for the day and I could not be more elated. The smell of urine and what ever other bodily fluids could be expelled from a human being where clinging to me like white on rice. I was beyond ready to go pick the kid up from child care, drop every bit of clothing once I cross my threshold and bath away the funk.

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