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Rosemary takes on a different experience when she is introduced to a local college a travel program was offered to the islands colleges .Rosemary ,Sasha ,Emily began a unforgettable journey along the way they encounter people from a developing biology outbreak on Island she and her parents reside.

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Hello my name is Rosemary I was born in a large city. off the coast off a private island away from the rest of the neighboring countrys .my partners worked as doctors in the military my parents had separated after a few years of living in the city of this private island I spent majority of my time downtown with the kid's from my community college.

I eventually found a different college more to my liking. my parents were far enough away for me to finally experience life.

I was so excited about that part but them coming to a decision of not staying married well I had my opinion my mom Ami didn't care to much my father patron was very strict about my opinion of the situation so I said to hell with it. soon my college life took off I drove my blue Mercedes S class to class every day.

my friends were really impressed but never saw the 846 dollar monthly payment that's including insurance. my friends were impressed but my parents were not they seemed to only care about my education.

I found my way around the city's college campus I never seen something so magnificent in my life everything was digital . the computers my bed room door even the tempur of my room could be changed with my soft smoothie voice my door began to move a head popped in it was my class mate from math class I never agreed with division I was sure she had a normal question

she said do u know were having a pop up quiz in afternoon classes I looked and said I didn't have a clue I appreciate that .she then closed my door ..(door armed) the zenx voice spoke back to Rosemary.

she looks out the window then proceeded to review her math questions. her phone starts to ring there was a message from her one of her friends sasha she had meet sasha at a college party

there was alot of alcohol but Rosemary didn't drink. sasha had her self a good time that night let Rosemary tell it . but they we friend they ended up walking home after the party and going passing out . sasha brings it up every time but she didn't this time Rosemary thought to her self mybe she was deep in a sturdy mind set Rosemary didn't think to much of it

she packaged her books and headed of to class she jumped into her Mercedes and speeds of to class. there was only one thing on Rosemary's mind on the way to class she was still wondering what sasha was thinking.

she then walked in to the class room sat threw her class and was on her way to the car and she saw sasha with Emily Rosemary new there had to be something interesting going on for her to be talking to Emily .Rosemary walked up to then she said hey to sasha Emily said hello to her as well. they started talking about this new program the college offered to have a traviling study group. they were so excited to hear about the opportunity to explore and learn keep in mind the never left the island to there knowledge.

Rosemary left walking away thing so that's what all the fus is about a travel program she wondered if patron would consider her doing such thing she had no clue what she was going to experience but she knew if sasha and Emily were involved things were bound to be interesting.

Rosemary drove her car home leaving her books in the Mercedes .she was going to find more information but there was a bundle of flyer next to the dorms mail box she walked up the stairs to the main door and walked into the door she pressed the elevator button and walked down to her door opening Using her facial recognition the zenx system (says door armed and she Proceeded to finish her nightly scheduled patterns and rosmary eventually fell asleep.

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