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Jessica began to stare at the door the black range rover came to a slow stop the tires trending threw the gravel of the twisty path of the massive house.

Wesley had just glimpsed at the figures as the door slammed closed. Wesley spoke didn't think they were expecting us so soon Jessica Zach with a pale look on his face knew he should have just stayed behind but in his stomach new there was something different about to happen. they all stepped out the range rover looking upon the massive house on the cliff of the land with tall trees .the window to the citron of the house was flipped as if something was starting to stare at them approach the door of the house.

Zach said I was knock .Zach knocked on the door noticing it was not locked as if they figures knew they were coming inside

they opened the door and walked into the massive entrance of the house it was diamond chandlers and vintage furniture from back in the late 90s this place had to be with millions Wesley stated .Jessica walking around the lower level of the house. a shadow appears in front of her she says hello but there was only a stare from Ashley with a cup of tea .Ashley stated we don't drink coffee if that's what you're looking for Zach Zach respectfully intervenes ..is there much light in this place oli started walking down the long staircase being down the lower level. Jessica then accepted the tea from Ashley they all knew why they were there it was to decide upon approach of the book the room became quite.

Wesley knew not to bring the book with hem after Zach sat it down at breakfast at nezts house. Ashley began showing them around the massive house she said I guess we have not had company in a while but there are 7 extra rooms in this place Ashley said she never knew why.

oli then later appeared in one of the houses kitchens he invited them to dinner Wesley was unsure if they would like the book back but didn't bring up the book for the moment.

this then Zach asked if he could be excused he then went to his room. to look upon there wear abouts he didn't recognize his near environment but the local community he knew exactly were Wesley and Jessica had driven hem

the night passed over the wind picked up and the fire pits were all lit up . there was different things going on a one time so Zach didn't know if he should play the games with Ashley and Jessica or watching tv with Wesley and oli then main thing that crossed Zachs mind is were was Qest ..

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