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Into The Dark

My name is Zach I was born on camp site with people that came from avengers of avoiding encounter with people they only believed in wrong and right

the location of the camps are unknown some dont exist and some were moved. the people I knew from the camps had a bad encounter with a large group of out law organization I escaped with three of the people from one of the camps. I began to look for a weapon the tresses were so tall I was running and falling down my hearts pounding and I can feel the blood running threw my Van's I new something was not right someone was following us from the camp .

things got a little more creepy as we got deeper into the woods there was a large tree with a massive house high up into abounding of trees we looked at the massive house seeing a rocky path up to a double wooden door

the door was locked . we all three new not to enter.

but there was as deep FASHION on the other side the energy was so strong one of the three of us had a universal key they salvaged from the camp war we began to open the doors there was a very different intonation once we had got far enough into the house .

pictures of the family they were dusty and had a vantage complexion we one of the three of us grabbed the picture of the family. something in the house fell off the wall in the level of the house. the three of us use walked up the stairs noticing a large blue willow lighting coming from the room there were tall pale figures standing in the room .one of them spoke (hello) your introducing on ower saramony I said hello I'm Zach and thes are my friends .I looked at the figures with a deep look as if they knew as we knew we had stepped into the world of wrong rooms the vampires didn't think twice to bit all there of us woke up on the floor alli remember was a blue flash and I woke up on the floor the others said they had the same experience .

know we now that's not the end of the conversation with those dark pale figures we started to feel funny along the walk to civilization water was no longer the quest for hydration we didn't have a understand why ower body felt so empty there had to he a reason me Jessica and Wesley had to figure this out we stopped .walking after expressing to the cab driver what happened he drove us home one buy one .

I never see something like that in my life I wonted to ask Jessica and Wesley but my fears took ahold of me the experience we wish we had forgotten to understand more only if we decided to talk mybe soon .

I don't wanna rush there grieving process I know Wesley probably is asking someone questions but that is to be known .I cant think of what Jessica would say we did have much to talk about coming from that ruling Rawlings camp.

it was nice to kick my feet back at home haven't stayed in my old friends house since the day he passed. this placed just makes me feel half some times.

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