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Riley was the average 18-year-old girl, yet had a mysterious background. After heading to Monsters University for her chance to figure out her true identity, she meets new friends and eventually finds the key that unlocks the door to all her answers.

Приключения Всех возростов.

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Lights danced around her room like ballerina's, the music that faintly played almost made her fall asleep, but something kept her little eyes opened. She made a wailing noise and a figure scuttled into the room.

"Dear, I'm here now, what could have awoken you"

The figure said, giving the little girl a warm smile as she held her tightly in her arms. The little girl made another wale, then the figure walked out with her. They went downstairs and the lady sat down little one one the couch.

"You see, when you're a big girl, you will see a world unlike anything you ever imagined. Monsters short and tall, fearsome and intimidating, I have seen it, and you will too"

The lady said, seeing the little girl clap her hands together. The lady smiled and hugged the little girl and carried her to the kitchen to get her a drink. If anything was to be expected, Abigail's little girl would grow into a confident young lady and see the world from her eyes. It would take years of work, but Riley would eventually have the world in her hands.


Monsters Inc was one of many famous scaring company's in Monstropolis. Many monsters from around come here to scare kids and produce energy that is needed to power the city. Abigail wanted to show Riley how it was done and how her mother got to where she is. Riley was a wee 7-year-old who loved being around her mother more than anything. Sadly, not having many friends, Riley hoped that she'd meet someone here. Beside her was a tall purple monster. He was with his father, showing him the scare floor. Riley stared at the monster before walking over and introducing herself.

"Hi, I'm Riley"

She said, putting a hand out, the monster stared at her and shook it.

"Names, Johnny Worthington, pleasure to meet you"

He said, seeing Riley smile wide. Her mother came over and greeted the large monster and stared down at the 2.

"Aw, I see those 2 having a bright future together, I can feel it"

She said, seeing the 2 talk and giggle, almost like they immediately became best friends.

11 Years Later

Living in Monstropolis was interesting to her. Once she could get a small job and afford an apartment of her own. She soon was able to make enough to pay off her first month of rent. She begged the landlord to lower the rent, so it's easier for her to take care of both bills and her groceries. He obliged and demanded just 200 bucks a month, which made her happy.

Ever since she moved, she had a desire to sing. She sang everywhere, from the store, walking home, heading to work. Her friends saw this as an opportunity to take a music major and make it big in the spotlight. She hummed to herself to relieve stress, to relax her senses and all out to enjoy life.

"You know what, you should totally get that music major, so you can make it big in the future"

Hissera said, walking toward Riley holding her book in her hands.

"Yes, but not right now"

She replied, staring at her with a brow arched and a smile plastered. Hissera growled in protest and plopped down on the armchair.

"Oh, CMON, How are you ever going to become a Singer if you don't get that music major"

Hissera whined, Riley staring at her with an annoyed look on her face, Hissera only stuck her snake tongue out at her and went to reading her book.

"Hiss, I'm just not ready right now"

She said back, only for Hissera to get angry and nearly throw the book at her, but stopped herself in her mind.

"Seriously, think about it, you on stage, singing that heart of yours out, showing every monster in this city that you mean business"

She exclaimed excitedly, she saw Riley paused and pondered about it, her eyes dodging back and forth. Hissera knew she had a point, and Riley knew that too. Riley thought about it, she would have it all after she graduates, she would drop her very first EP or album and every monster would ADORE it.

"Gahh, FINE, ill think about it"

She said, defeated, Hissera smiled wide and jumped up making a high pitched cooing sound.

"You're going to kick butt, girl, just walk that walk and talk that talk"

She cockily said, wrapping her arm around her shoulder and giving her a smug smile.

2 Weeks Later

Once the boxes were taped and packed on the moving truck, Riley couldn't help, but thank Hissera for her constant bickering about getting into University, She had a good point, if she was going to make it big, she needed to know the right people and have the right skills.

"Alright, Boxes are packed, we are ready to go"

Tony said, before closing the truck doors and heading over toward her.

"Aw, it's time, we going to miss you girl"

Hissera said, before pulling her into a tight hug, Riley hugged her back. After a few seconds, she pulled away, cupping her shoulders.

"Don't forget, you 2 aren't too far that you can't come visit me on campus"

"Don't worry, we got it"

Wolfeena gleefully replied. Amber nodded at her happily, and they both watched Riley mount her Motorcycle and start it up. With one final wave, Riley was racing down the road, heading off to University.

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