Brandy Ellis

This is a mystery about a women who loves art and works as a security guard in a art museum. A recent painting they got from the royal family has gone missing and it is up to Deputy Brandy to find it.

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The disappearing painting

Today is our first day being entrusted by the king to hold his art work. The closest I ever get to being near the art I live is by being a security guard.

My whole family got into jobs of doing art. But I was not that lucky art is my life I love it but the skill does notpump through my vains. I envy my whole family the get these artistic abilities while they all think of me as a disgrace to art. But now enough about me and let's get to the art museum.

So as usual I am walking down the halls making sure none of the art gets stolen. During this process of this I hear a women scream and rush over to her. "Deputy Brandy" she says " look at what someone did to the new painting we just got from the royal family." When I look where the museum owner was pointing I let out a gasp, because where the painting the baby painted was red ink saying loser.

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