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Once Upon A Summer

Neither of us are "normal" people. Nobody really is but what makes us even more different is we actually like to be weird. We go out of our way to keep people on their toes and avoid being labelled normal. It was one of the things that drew us to each other from the beginning. If this was a sappy romance novel it might be described as "love-at-first sight" but I don't believe in such a thing. We felt an instant connection, liked each others vibe, and wanted to learn more about the other, but we simply didnt know each other yet.

It started off as just another evening at home in my pj's watching whatever was on tv and scrolling through Pinterest when the tv couldn't hold my attention anymore. One of my friends texted me asking if I wanted to come over. She wanted me to finally meet this guy she had been talking up for a few weeks. She told me he just broke up with his gf, he was nice and that he was hot. It translated to 'This guy needs laid and I know you are a hooker-slut with nothing to do but sit at home' I was in my pj's and hadn't showered since the day before. I was comfy, semi-entertained, slightly greasy and didnt feel like going anywhere. Even if that meant booze and some eye-candy. She told me he didnt care and that she was coming to get me anyway. I sighed, rolled my eyes, then laughed at her determination. If I had known at that moment I was going to meet my future husband I probably would have changed out of my fuzzy heart covered pajama pants and camo tank top. Instead I just put on some deoderant and made sure my makeup was at least in the general area of where it should be.

Thanks to nerves and copious amounts of alcohol later, my arrival to the small basement apartment and initial introductions are a little hazy. I dont remember the drive or getting out of the car. I do however remember something about the cup song from Pitch Perfect and some awkward "Hi, this is him. This is her. So...now you finally met." We talked about music we liked and discovered we both had a soft spot for Sweet Child of Mine by Guns-N-Roses. It would later become one of our songs. I expected our topics of discussion to start waning and become shorter but something about this blue-eyed blondie with a beard was keeping my attention and he seemed to like what kept coming out of my mouth. We kept having more and more in common, one of us always had a question or answer and he was a gentleman. He kept my drink full, lit my cigarettes for me, opened doors for me and even offered to buy me a pack of smokes when I ran out. That was rare for me because other people wanted me to buy them stuff and almost never returned the favor. He didnt have to tell me in words that he was different than other guys. His actions and reactions proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. He was super good looking, funny, smart, and didnt seem to have a douchey bone in his entire body. I didnt want the night to end because he kept me on my toes. The conversation wasn't predictable or boring at any moment. After losing count of the number of bottles we all drank my friend and her boyfriend went to bed. "The night takes an interesting turn." I thought to myself. As planned we found ourselves alone and drunk. I was the kind of girl that didnt mind one night stands and didnt get all butt hurt or clingy after sex. Humans have needs and sometimes that involves some "Nice to meet you. I am not repulsed by you. Want to have drunken sex then maybe never speak again?" and a little "You're hot, I'm drunk, and I want to fuck. You in?" Some people have even lower standards. I was up for it if you were cute, willing and at least had some manners. This guy was beyond all that.

We ended up sitting close on the couch and watching Blue Mountain State, my pick. I thought the raunchy college vibe would be good background noise if we ended up naked.

Nothing really happened the first episode, just leaning into each others shoulders and some shy smiles that hinted at something more. I was totally willing to sleep with this guy but I didnt want to seem too easy or desperate and make the first move either so I just smiled at him in what I hoped came across as flirty, made sure I was showing enough cleavage, scooted closer one body part at a time, and hoped it was enough.

I'm not sure if he noticed my lame attempts or he just had his own agenda, but one second I'm watching some football dudes trying to get laid and/or drunk then his palm is on my cheek, his fingers are in my hair and his lips are pressed to mine. I like the way his mouth feels on mine but he pulls back before the kiss gets too steamy. My brain went blank and the transition between that moment and when he had my pants off doesn't exist in my memory but I know it didnt take long.

The list of guys I had slept with wasnt short so I had a pretty good idea about what sex entailed and what guys liked in general. At least I thought I knew...boy was I wrong. His fingertips, lips, and tongue left trails of fire along my skin. The whole room ceased to exist. It was just me, him, and this strange new world of electric fire I had never experienced before. He knew exactly what I liked and how I liked it without me having to say a word as well as new things that made what I liked even better. My world exploded with overwhelming waves of previously unknown ecstasy. When we were both tired, satisfied and clothed again we snuggled and fell asleep watching tv.

He got up and went to school and I tried explaining what had happened. Words didn't do it justice and she just didnt understand. This was not just another fling. I found myself thinking about him and smiling to myself, wondering what he was doing and if I would ever see him again.

And I did. Same friends, same basement, same expectation. This time, however, everything was different. I went from being indifferent, to interested, to charmed, to almost full blown infatuated. My stomach was a field of butterflies and I was anxious that I wouldnt live up to what he expected or he just wouldnt be interested. I had nothing to fear. He was the same charming, thoughtful, interesting gentleman and the conversation was easy and natural. He was older than I was by four years. We talked about our childhoods, schools, friends, and families. The topics flowed like the canyon creek we were amazed to discover we had both lived by. We found out that we had grown up in all the same places, just not at the same time which excited us both. It seemed as though I would start a new chapter shortly after he finished it. Always just a step behind him. After the others went to bed we found ourselves in a familiar situation. It was hot, heavy, and life-changing. I dont remember finding my way back to Earth, the apartment, or the couch but I fell asleep in his arms with a smile on my heart and face.

He had school again the next day and I half woke up when he pulled his arm from underneath my head. I smiled and said bye as he walked out the door, closing my eyes and going back to sleep almost instantly. I heard the door open and figured he forgot something and didnt bother opening my eyes. I felt his aura before I felt his touch on my arm. I opened my eyes and looked up as he was leaning down. I was surprised how sweet and soft his kiss was. He said goodbye again and was out the door before I could process what happened. I relived it a thousand times in a heartbeat and knew at that moment I was hooked. This man who was supposed to be a paragraph in my life story captured my entire being over the two nights we had spent together. The more I learned about him the more I wanted to know. A small ray of hope that his goodbye kiss meant he liked me too started to shine.

A few days later I went to go stay with my sister for a week. One night early in the week I got a text from my friend telling me my new blonde crush wanted my phone number. My heart skipped a beat and my palms started to sweat. His text popped up on my phone and the sensation of the world disappearing settled over me. I didnt know it at the time but this was a feeling he would make me feel often. We talked for hours, then days, and in the blink of an eye it was time for me to go home. I lived for his texts. I would drop whatever I was doing, neglect my responsibilities, and ignore the whole world when I saw his name come up. I loved the way he made me feel. I loved the way he viewed the world. I loved him. But I tried to play it cool since we didn't know each other still.

He started spending the night at my house, sometimes two if he missed the bus back home. He started missing it on purpose because we werent ready to say goodbye. One of those nights I asked him to be my boyfriend and he said yes! He stayed longer and more often. We were becoming attached at the hip, lost in our own universe of happiness, fun, learning, and mind-blowing sex. He was hands down the best I ever had.

Towards the end of summer he had a family reunion but I was too nervous to go with him but I dropped him off. He got out of the truck and said goodbye like usual then he quickly and quietly told me he loved me. My eyes got wide and I stared at him for a minute before I beamed a smile at him and told him I loved him too.

I dont remember driving back to my friends house but as soon as I joined the group I told them he told me he loved me first! And I said it back! They were all happy for me but they werent as excited as I was and the topic steered in another direction. I replayed his departure in my mind over and over until it was time to pick him up.

A few months later, while hanging out at the mall, he stopped and knelt down like he was tying his shoe. He pulled a small box from his pocket, smiled nervously and asked me to marry him. My smile was the biggest it's ever been and I said yes as he stood up and hugged me tight.

We were married 3 years later in our front yard. What started as a paragraph in my story turned into the rest of my book and we are still living happily ever after.

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