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Lexi is a vampire, one of the last of her kind. She decides to go live in a small town for a while, and what she finds shocks her very nature...

LGBT+ Всех возростов.

#Romance #Drama #Vampire
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Lexi awoke suddenly,—— shoving the thin cotton blanket off of her. It was ironic that these nightmares of shadows and monsters still plagued her, considering her nature.

The sun was just beginning to rise, giving everything a smoky, dream-like quality, and the morning air was cold and crisp.

She was immediately aware of the dry, burning thirst in the back of her throat, which pulsed in time to the beat of her heart. She lifted her nose in the air, identifying and cataloging the myriad scents of the forest glade she called home. The sharp odor of a skunk, the sweet aroma of wildflowers, the clean scent of leaves beginning photosynthesis. All these were familiar to her, but she was looking for a specific aroma. Amongst all the other scents of the forest, she finally identified the warm, glowing red strand, that rich fragrance of blood.

She located the source, and silently walked behind a large oak tree, looking out into a beautiful, sun-dappled clearing.

It was a doe, with two fawns. The heady perfume of the mother was only complimented by the delicate, fresh bouquet of the two young ones. The smell only served to feed the scorching fire that burned at the back of her throat, but try as she might, she couldn't kill them.

For Lexi, killing those deer would've been as natural as breathing, and yet inhuman and cold. For she was a vampire, likely one of the last of her kind.

She was graceful and elegant, and her beauty was at first calm and tranquil, but her crimson eyes betrayed the fiery heat of a thousand suns. She looked both completely ordinary and outrageously striking.

She feels her fangs elongate, driven by the intense thirst, and every muscle in her body was tensed to spring, but her mind won out. She turned away, and trod over to her temporary encampment.

She walked over to a small current running through the forest, bringing a small amount to her lips. The water was cold and fresh, but it didn't soothe the burning in her throat. She stands up, once again profiling the forest, combing through all of the other scents, to find that warm scent of life and blood.

Sorting through the air could, at times, be tedious and repetitive, but more often than not, she found it reassuring, calming.

There, almost concealed, that rich aroma. At this point, the fire had spread to her fangs, making them sizzle with thirst. She needed to feed, immediately. She targeted the scent, poising herself to strike. By the scent, she could tell it was a grizzly bear, large and imposing. She could smell the fruity pop of blackberries as the bear clumsily nuzzled at a bush. She could sense the large, warm jugular vein running through the animal. Lexi finally lost her restraint, lunging at the grizzly with a snarl. It reared up on its hind legs, growling ferociously, but it was no match for Lexi's quick, lethal attack. She slid underneath its large, jagged claws and leapt onto its back, sinking her fangs into its neck. The fur tasted repulsive, all coarse hair and acrid sweat, but the blood pounding just underneath it smelled rich and warm, and she couldn't resist. Her fangs finally pierced the vein, sending a rivulet of rich, red blood streaming out into her mouth. As she drank, her eyes flashed a undescribable hue as the blood replenished her inhuman abilities, as well as her strength and agility. The light left the bear's eyes, and it slumped over as Lexi dropped the carcass. She spit out a couple of hairs, grimacing at the sour taste, and wiped her lip, licking the small amount of blood off of her hand. Delicious.

She decided to head east, to a small hamlet nearby. She owned property there, and it would be nice to be amongst civilization for a while. She shifted her body, and set off towards Lunaris.

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