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Edward and Selena have just started to settle in the comforts of marriage, it's not when the police come knocking on their doors that they realise the horror has just began. With new secrets to uncover and betrayal lurking at every corner, Edward finds himself losing trust in the people he trusted and cared for Join the humorous couple as they take on these new challenges hoping at the end of it all they'll come out stronger than they were. It's not a love story it's a story about love!

Любовные романы современный 18+. © All Rights Reserved

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Hey readers as you already know, this is the second installment in forbidden desires. This book is from Edwards Point of view, just so you can also understand things from his perspective as he uncovers more truths about his past.

He's also working hard to try and maintain his marriage with Selena while they face more hurtles and hardships than before.

Join them in another adventure; that will leave you questioning who really can you trust?

I thank each and everyone of you who will go on this journey with these two insanely Inlove characters.

Remember it's not a love story but a story about love, it may have started on a whim but I love it.

*I am not an ornate or lyrical writer but I am original and truthful*

-Mapalo Mutengo


*Sexual Content.


*Strong Language.

18+ ONLY

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