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Marcus Franklin

Marcus has always been an overachiever, all through school, the military, and now with the police force. He's the youngest and one of the best lieutenant's in the Homicide Unit. Hell, in Atlanta Georgia on the south side that is saying something! South Fulton County, ain't no joke, it's a mother fucker dead at least 3 times a day out here but your boy don't play no games, Hell!, dudes got like an 87 percent closure on his cases, and that shit ain't easy in this department. He is always at work this mother fucker don't know how to take a break. That's my dude though!, one night we had just finished closing a case, I said hey l.t. That's what I call him what's the move. L.T. look at me and said, "get some rest Rook and I'll see you at 6 a.m.", I was thinking to myself then I said," L.T. man it's midnight", He replied," You may want to consider a quicky tonight kid".

This mother fucker here is a trip, he's only 3 years older than me and had the nerve to call me kid. This nicca is a trip, 40 years old ass.

The next morning, of course, I was late there was L.T. waiting, smoking I just knew that he was going to hit the roof by no he looked at me and said" hay Kid you know why I solve so many cases. I said no. He threw the cigarette to the ground and said because Dope dealers and users don't go to sleep till 6 and if you want them you have to learn to live when they live. And then walked off. Left me standing right there at the car. Then he turned and said, Johnson, take him to Rice Street and book for those 2 girls in the park that we found yesterday the notes and confusion in on the sit see you this evening at 4 p.m. Can't I do mean 4. I looked into the car and lowered my head, and yelled yes Sir. Every since then, I've looked up to the man, yep made it my business to be that man's shadow and that's how we became friends. There's nothing I don't know about him including the fact that he's gay. The only reason I'm telling y'all is because it's the reason this story has to be told and I'm the only one who can tell it.

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