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Riley returns to the next Installment of the Monsters United Trilogy. Now graduated from MU, Riley is excited to work at MI as a Scare Alumni, but her life is once more turned around when her past once more comes uninvited, opening a new door about her true reason for being in the Monster World.

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The Beginning of Something New Part 1

Riley awoke to the sound of birds and cars honking outside. What a way to wake up, to people getting angry trying to get to work. She crawled out of her bed and get herself cleaned up. Having a refreshing, warm shower and throwing on a pair of clean clothes fresh from her dryer before heading out to her favourite coffee shop, the one she went to when she was still in college.

She graduated last year, and she never felt more successful in her life. She stood on that platform at all of her other friends who had graduated the Scare Major beside her. She walked in and saw a lineup, maybe four monsters already lined up ready to order. She dug in her purse for her spare change she had since the last time she came here, which was last year before she graduated., hanging out with Johnny and the ROR's. Before she could fish out the money, she overheard an order that perked her head up at who was ordering. It was a tall purple monster with blue stripes running down his back, his long horns looked familiar, and she knew exactly who it was.

"Vanilla Latte is my favourite"

Riley spoke, standing beside the monster as he looked down at her and smiled.

"Tylor, Right?"

Riley added, the monster nodded and smiling widely as her voice made him remember who she was.

"Yeah, and you're Hardscrabble's daughter, Riley"

Tylor asked, seeing her nod and giggle. They ordered and sat down together at a table and chatted for what seemed like forever. She explained her years in college while he wrote down notes for his Scare Class.

"The Scare program was for the most talented scaring students, those that made it in, are those that made it far as scarer's down the road. I definitely can see you becoming a scarer, you would make children shutter."

Riley said, seeing him lift his eyes from the page and raise his brow at her.

"I have been studying like crazy to get there, to be like James P. Sullivan"

Riley widened her eyes and grew angry about his name ever being mentioned in her presence.

"Yeah, he is my ex-fiance. We were together since high school, but now I see he has made himself well known as a scarer, huh?"

Tylor stared at her in awe and shock, not moving from the revelation that he was with Riley, the greatest scare Alumni at MU.

"Wow, I wonder why you 2 broke it off, I'm sure you 2 could have made it work, right?"

Riley shook her head and explained the whole story, which had Tylor on the end of his seat.

"Wow, that really sucks, he didn't have to do that to you, you were consistent with him till he screwed everything up"

Riley nodded and pounded her fist on the table, not hard for people to turn and see what was happening, but enough that it made Tylor nearly jump out of his seat.

"Yup, he lost me, and I will never go back to him, I have moved on"

Tylor went on to writing again, as Riley told another story, which once more made him stop and listen.

"Wait, you were a part of the most popular fraternity on campus?"

Riley nodded confidently and saw as Tylor gasped and stared at her with wide eyes.

"That's crazy, I bet they are as cool as they sound"

Riley nodded once more and spoke up as she took a sip of her latte.

"They are the scariest and most fearsome monsters, from Johnny, their leader, to me, their Vice President"

Tylor couldn't believe what he was hearing, almost as if it were an urban legend someone had created.

"That's remarkable, you were their Vice President, I bet you were really popular"

Riley shrugged and rolled her eyes.

"When I first arrived, I already knew I was going to be the talk of the campus"

Riley explained as she picked a piece of her donut and nibbled on it. Tylor and Riley remained in the Café till his next class was about to begin, he and Riley gathered themselves and walked outside.

"Well, this was great to catch up with you, Riley. But my class is about to begin, so I'll maybe see you after class at the fountain"

Riley nodded, and they went off on their separate ways, as she turned to watch him leave, she could feel something inside her screaming.

"Am I falling in love with him because I still haven't called it off with James, if I'm going to date someone new, I need to end it with him"

She said to herself, a smile forming on her face as she happily skipped off to meet him at the fountain. When his class ended, and she saw him walking over, she couldn't help herself as she ran over and hugged him.

"I was getting lonely. I'm so happy that your class is done"

Riley said, batting her eyes at him as they sat down at the fountain.

"Is it weird to say I was thinking about you the whole duration of class"

Riley giggled and leaned into him.

"No, I like that you're thinking about me and not trying to get your degree"

She said, as he snickered and grabbed her hand as they ran down the pathway towards the dormitory's. When they made it upstairs and into his dorm, his roommate was actually out and wouldn't be back till tonight. Riley sat down on the desk chair, and he sat on his bed.

"So can I confess something, I know this is early but, do you wanna maybe go out on a date?"

Riley smiled and nodded as she jumped on the bed atop him.

"Tylor, you spoke my language, you know me so good and yet, we are just starting to develop a relationship"

She said, his expression becoming satisfaction as he sat up, picking her up with little effort and cradled her in his arms, her giggles piercing the silence.

"I could get used to this"

Riley said, her arms wrapped around his neck.


As Riley and Tylor hung out more before and after his classes, their first date eventually finally arrived. Riley wore a blue dress with her expensive silver platform heels. Tylor wore a simple tux suit jacket with the white dress shirt underneath, which made him look more than handsome, he looked perfect.

"You look handsome, never know a suit made you stand out"

Riley said, Tylor pulling out her chair and assisting her back in as he sat down opposite of her.

"Well I preferred not to miss my chance to impress you now didn't I?"

He said, making her cheeks turn light red. He did have a point, she was deeply impressed by his hard efforts.

As the night carried on, Riley and Tylor have been through their dinner and dessert, now enjoying their drinks as they talked about their future and what they expected to happen 10 years from then. As they left and went back to his dorm, he walked in to see that his roommate wasn't home, probably at a party.

"You want to make out until your roommate comes back?"

Riley asked, sitting on the bed. Tylor grabbed a door sigh and hung it outside before closing the door again.

"How about, we have the dorm for tonight"

He answered as he climbed on the bed, connecting his lips with hers, slowly leaning into her, as her head landed on the pillow. Her hands found themselves on his face, travelling up to get caught in his hair, as his claws trailed down to grip her thighs as they wrapped around his waist. His lips moved to her neck, a low moan escaping her throat as her hands explored around his shoulders.

The night went on slower than expected, his touch and the way he nipped and nibbled her neck sent her and the room into a spin. She never felt this way about someone she barely knew in college, but now she knew exactly what she wanted in a moment like this, something James never gave her.

The desperate need for passionate love like they were making right now.


Riley said between shivering breaths. He lifted his head to look at her, his eyes getting her lost.

"I... Think I'm falling in love with you"

She said, seeing his eyes widen and one of his hands getting caught in her purple hair.

"I was thinking that too, but maybe after the 3rd date we should see what happens, but that doesn't mean there isn't something there"

Tylor said, resuming his nibbling and nipping on her neck, once more sending her into a spiral.

"Well, if you keep doing the things I like, I'm going to make you my husband right now"

Riley snarled cockily as Tylor once more lifted his head and bursted out laughing, which almost made her jump.

"Alright, let's get some sleep then, I have classes tomorrow"

Tylor said, laying beside her. She rested her head on his chest and watched as his eyes slowly fell shut, and his breathing slowed down. She eventually fell asleep for once, without James interrupting her precious dream time.

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