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The monster

The monster to all wasn’t a monster to me,

He pushed me under everything and expect me to fight back,

Didn’t you see where my heart had cracked?

Transient where the wound,

So, I’d fall apart on ground

They called me heartless, they ain’t wrong,

Cause I was broken & fixing it back took a long

Thought like why to prove?

When there’s nothing to move,

And know what, he loves to GROOVE!!

Why weren’t you there in my difficult times,

Solely busy in those fuckin’ crimes

You weren’t in a cage with me,

You wanted to set yourself free

I wasn’t your priority,

Cause you were stuck on your superiority, weren’t you?

I knew it’s gonna end up soon,

Stories are always meant to be cartooned,

My love will always find a way,

I just wish you could feel what you say,

And I know someday, I’ll make it of the day

Time went on so FAST,

I won’t sit and regret for my PAST!

What should I name it,— Monogamous?

Or should this remain Anonymous?

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