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Intro to Literville

You should know -- but I'll tell you anyway -- that Literville is more than just a city. Just look on any map at how big it is! But hold on, don't just float around up there in the clouds like you're toggling through Google Maps; come down. That's right, down to ground level. Don't be afraid to get dirty. Get in these streets, walk through some alleys, buy a Coke at a liquor store if you want (or whatever you like, it's on me). But please, don't act like that! Like what? you say. Like a tourist! Don't you know what they do to new faces out here? She's got lots of little blocks I can drop you off in. Hmm. Today let's stroll in a nice borough they call Bridge--


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N.e.b.o.h. AKA Trystn Waller No expert but of himself ;) Want to learn more about American culture, regional English expressions, song lyrics, and more? Visit my site: cult-surf.com to discover.


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