Vijay Shriram

This is story of how friends from Shawkin's High school saving their town "Shawkin". A solution from Shawkin lab was leaked, through that a mysterious creature formed.

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Who is the girl ?

This story took place in Shawkin,

At Shawkin lab which is located on the west side of Shawkin, This laboratory was run by Alhuf.

He took an experiment on Ghosts and Soul of Devil. Alhuf was working gravely on the experiment. It took about 19hours, His eyes looked dizzy, His brain continuously thinking about chemicals and formulas. Suddenly he left overall and went for a nap. Some chemicals and solutions were open states. Also, he mixed up a solution, It was called 'ViR-Make Solution'.It was used to make viruses, So it was named as ViRmake Solution. But while he left the lab a little wizard fell into it.

48 hours before,

A group of friends talking together at the cafeteria of Shawkin's high school. Rayon, Simon, Drake and Noah. They were talking about a stranger who beaten them in a game."How? We are on top always, but this time we are beaten"Drake said in a disappointed manner. Noah "Who is that? Beaten us"."It's a girl" in a dreadful voice said, Drake. Rayon looked at both of them and confidently said "We want to find her!".Simon shrugged his head and said, "Sure We will find her".

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