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Alone, No help, limited supplies, and the only weapon being a small caliber handgun and some super powered chick who tried to kill you not to long ago now lives in your head. This is the commandant of Gray Raven's plight. Chris was not someone special starting out, nor he ever thought he'd be leading a construct task force someday. Funny how things work out huh? But instead of being with the warm and comforting Lucia in this destitute wasteland, he is stuck with the Ascendant known as 'Alpha'. A powerful construct warrior that had nearly wiped out him along with his team not too long ago. Now she may be his only chance at survival. Separated from the rest of Gray Raven by a mission gone wrong, Alpha could be the only person he can rely on to survive in a post apocalyptic Earth. But can Chris really trust this mysterious swordswoman? And will the secrets behind her be more then he can handle? (Disclaimer: Art is not mine.)

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We'll die here if you keep running! Just let me take over!

And let you skewer me?! Like hell!!!

A internal conflict ravaged a young commandant's mind as he sprinted as fast as he could from a horde of powerful corrupted. Varying in size, power, and strength. He could hear the clang of their feet and their spine chilling roars. They were getting closer.

He turned his firearm towards them, firing blindly as some of them hit their mark. But all they did was anger the ape-like machine entities. They were massive in number, and some ever more massive in size. Chris, despite being a skilled commandant stood no chance against them without a construct having his back.

But the only one he had available, and that wasn't exactly someone he wanted to come to help for.

As he sprinted down the abandoned hallways as fast as his limited human legs could carry him, he turned left down the labyrinth of halls. A more beast like corrupted lunging at him and tumbling behind him as it barely missed pouncing upon him. It's pyramid like head head raised in a frustrated roar, if it had jaws it no doubt would look savage about now.

Chris you can't outrun them! Just let me at them and this could all be over!

How do I know you won't just infect me on the spot!?

I was the one who hijacked your head! Does that sound like someone who has anything to gain from infecting you?!

The female voice pointed out. She did have a point. If she wanted to infect him, all she really had to do was track him down herself. Yet instead she tried the infiltration route instead. Opting to get inside his own head, and make herself a extension of his own body. Perhaps one could even say his own will. But given how she tried to kill him on his first encounter, he highly doubted that.

Rather, she was interested in Gray Raven's leader. Lucia. As for why? He had no real clue. A lot of things about Alpha boggled the young commandant's mind. Why did she have a interest in Lucia, and by extension, him? Albeit perhaps slightly less in comparison.

As he kept hopelessly running, it looked like Chris's luck had ran out.

"Damn! A dead end!!!" The shaggy haired commandant looked around frantically. He had been able to sneak around the corrupted for some time now. For half a month even. Why, just why now did he have to be a clutz today!? Is what he was thinking as he turned to face the horde of corrupted that had caught up with him.

No way out. If he tried to make a break for it he would just get torn to pieces by the horde that was lumbering towards him. To make matters worse, it wasn't just regular fodder he had attracted. As a giant corrupted with a equally big sword shoved it's way through said horde. It was a Musashi model, and it was prepared to bring that slab of iron down upon Chris.


But he was frozen in fear. For once, he had no help, for once no team to call for. He was alone. But he still had one person...

And that was Alpha.

"A-Alpha!!!!" He covered his face with his arms as the Musashi prepared to turned him into a red pulpous mass. But before the massive sword could make contact, he heard what sounded like a million blades tearing through metal. The corrupted began to scream, yell and shout as they were torn apart by an overwhelming force that could not be stopped. Red streaks tore the animalistic machines to shreds. Most not being able to figure out what was happening before being reduced into nothing more but data and scrap metal.

If you looked closely, one could see a white haired girl darting around them with ease. As if she had inhumane amounts of stamina and speed. Because she did, and lots of it to go around.

She then drove herself right through the horde. Appearing on the far end side of the hallway. She sheathed her red bladed katana, which was soon followed by a slight delay of the remaining corrupted being sliced to ribbons. And reduced to nothing but rubble. Some even exploded from the overwhelming force that was her attacks. The hazel eyed, young commandant Chris. Who looked more fresh faced in comparison to this rugged yet cool headed construct panted heavily. She was like Lucia...only faster. Much faster even. One could say she didn't even compare in pure speed nor skill.

Alpha simply tossed her hair back as she made her way back to the commandant. "See? Now was that so hard?" To which Chris simply walked passed her, not even batting a eye.

She sighed. "Good grief. And they say I'm a hard shell to crack." The white haired Ascendant followed.

"You know can't keep ignoring me forever. You may have been able to do that while you were with your constructs and at Babylonia. But like it or not, your stuck with me until you find a way back. Might as well get used to it." Alpha stated.

The young commandant didn't even respond. Choosing to press forward in silence. Alpha rolled her eyes. Your making that blonde boy look more social right now with this act.

"Look." She soon darted in front of him, appearing in front of him with crossed arms. But it looked more akin to teleportation more so then anything if observed with the naked eye.

"I know our first meeting wasn't anything pleasant. But if you keep this up, your gonna get us both killed. Alright?" It was clear she was getting slightly annoyed with his tough guy act. Right now it wasn't exactly helping the way he thought it was. Or perhaps he wasn't sure with how he was sharing his consciousness and body with a Ascendant. A person he doubt was taught to treat as the enemy.

"Why do you suddenly care all of sudden anyways? Your probably gonna outlive for several more centuries before the virus overtakes you. More importantly why are you even trying to fraternize with me? I thought you hated anything that had to do with humanity." The commandant spoke, finally breaking the awkward silence between them.

Alpha shimmied uncomfortably. "My goals are my own alright? All you need to know is that just cause I am Ascendant, doesn't necessarily mean I am loyal to them, or Luna. And right now, this was the safest way I can be away from them. They see humans, most specifically, Gray Raven and Babylonian constructs as fleas. They won't think twice about some human commandant who can't even match them in raw power."

A Ascendant who didn't entirely agree with the ways of other Ascendants. That was some interesting info indeed. "So why work with them? What do you have to gain from harming humanity?" Chris asked, his curiosity now peaked.

"That's not really a topic I like to share. Now, if we're done. I think we can both agree that if we don't wanna die me and you need to cooperate. I have to rely on your body's self preservation to maintain my cover. Downside is, if you die, I go with you. And recalling isn't really a option right now since I'll no doubt have Luna's little lapdogs after me moment I'm back on the grid." Alpha's demeanor became cold again, as she turned to face the grey worn down hallways. They appeared to be in some type of old world hospital.

"I just have one more question. How is it your able to materialize your entire body in front of me out of seemingly nowhere?" Chris raised his hand. As some of her abilities looked purely out of a science fiction novel.

Alpha just smirked. "You'd be surprised what the Ascnet can do. Now come on, pretty sure there's more corrupted where that came from. They'll have heard all the commotion. Keep that peashooter of yours handy, but for the most part, let me handle the risky stuff. Alright?" Her mood shifted from cold, to slightly warmer then before. Despite still being kinda objective. Signs of her being more caring then she acted? Maybe. But even so, Chris couldn't just trust a literal Ascendant who had been hiding in his consciousness despite him being a regular human rather then a construct.

Frankly, she had been full of surprises since that fateful meeting in a med bay. Funny how a check up turned into a straight up body jack. Especially with all those headaches that came from it.

As they made their way out of the building, Alpha effortlessly carved through the corrupted hordes. Absolutely destroying any that got remotely close to the commandant. Frankly, the way she did it was the equivalent of three veteran construct squads working in tandem.

Keep moving and don't stop Chris, staying in one place is just gonna increase your risk of infection. While I know how to keep that from killing you, pretty sure your friends in Babylonia won't agree.

I think I'll stay uninfected thank you very much.

Glad we have some understanding.

The duo had been a thing for quite some time now. She first started hijacking his consciousness a few months back. Up until now, everything had been quiet. Apart from the few scares and pranks she would sometimes play on him. Funny how someone so cold shouldered as her would have a sense of humor. Then again, she would often get bored. Having to hide in plain sight like that.

She really couldn't do the things most humans tended to enjoy. Granted she didn't have to given her predicament, but every once in a while she would hint at how some of the more basic pleasures, such as eating, drinking, and other things would sometimes annoy her as she watched others do it.

Out here however, she could be free. She didn't have to hide in Chris's body nearly as much. As the two exited the hospital, they could see the sun. Alpha stretched her arms and legs. Limbering up after what felt like a relieving experience towards her. While her body was certainly unconventional, the sensations it felt were indeed very real. It may have been partially digitized, but it still had the ability to feel, touch, and become solid at will.

Really, it boggled Chris's mind to no end. Yet she was able to perform feats like this as simple as breathing and eating. The commandant meanwhile was trying to use his long since disconnected datapad. Babylonia had been radio silent for weeks now. Not doing anything to respond to his calls.

"They aren't gonna come looking for you, might as well focus on your own survival first and foremost. Very few human commandants survive as long as you do without their construct companions anyways. They'll just give you the same treatment." Alpha said blatantly as she cleaned her sword.

Chris looked down in clear despair. He wasn't being vocal, but Alpha didn't need to be a social butterfly to know that what she said clearly upset him. Not that he could focus on how he felt on the situation too much at the moment. Which is why she needed to do what she could to have him focus on the mission at hand. "Come on, we need to keep moving. Should be some supplies in these nearby buildings. You gotta keep your strength up, now more then ever." Alpha said, sheathing her sword. Before digitizing back into the commandant's body.

"Right... " Just keep pressing forward. Said Chris, as he made his way into the broken down cities. The relics of a time long since lost.

Babylonia, humanity's final defense against the virus. It had been years since the virus had taken away everything mankind took for granted. In it, the leader of Gray Raven, Lucia looked through her terminal concerning their commandant. Chris Daniels. She had been at it for hours, no doubt harming her own mental and physical health in the process despite being a construct.

A pink haired girl in a white uniform stood behind her, cautious and worried. Hands in front of her legs, clasped in a proper manner. "Lucia...it's been half a month now." Liv was Gray Raven's trusty support unit and healer. But beyond that, she also had a tendency of looking out for the rest of Gray Raven as a whole. And to see their team leader and most seasoned warrior reduced to this, hurt to watch.

A pair of stamina pods laid next to the combat oriented construct, she hadn't left this room of hers in weeks. As the young construct had arguably taken the Commandant's disappearance the hardest.

"Chris's file still reads MIA, if their is even the slightest chance he is still out there...I have to-" Liv then gently gripped Lucia's hand, the same hand that had been on a computer mouse for weeks on end. "Lucia...please..."

The pink haired support construct looked at her with sincere eyes. "I can't stand watch you torturing yourself over this. I, and the rest of the team. Your coming back half awake, and it's affecting the mission. Your body isn't meant to go this long without sleep. Construct or not. Kamui's been especially worried, he won't stop bugging Lee about all the missions you've been on together." Liv softly giggled, trying her best to keep the mood from becoming down.

Gray Raven had been in disarray since the disappearance of Chris. As they were currently in acting command of Celica. But she technically wasn't even their real commandant either. Even she was taking command of someone else, simply pointing out instructions from someone else. The truth was, most people were not eager to take part of the position of commandant. Chris himself was the result of a draft due to their being such small numbers of them.

The rest were mercenaries or guns for hire. And they were often only as reliable as you paid them. The volunteer force of commandants was extremely small, and that was not even considering the time, money, and effort it took to actually train them.

The commandants were meant to have the loyalty and obedience of soldiers, and the decision making and leadership skills of an commander. Despite their title, they really weren't all that high up in the chain of command. They were more akin to field officers with special training. The thing was not every unit all the ground could have a synthetic body, so to answer that, the role of commandant was the answer.

Field officers with training and lethality of soldiers, while also preparing them for command roles so as to limit human casualties.

Lucia sighed. "Fine...but...I'm not giving up on him...you can bet on that." Lucia turned to face the support unit once more, a determined expression on her face.

"I know.." Liv faintly smiled. "Now, how about we head to that diner I've been wanting to try. I'll pay!" Liv said eagerly.

"That won't be necessary." Lucia said in a monotone voice, as the door to their quarters slid open.

Back on Earth. Both Alpha and the Commandant had a bird's eye view from one of the buildings they were scavenging. Despite all that humanity had lost, the planet still looked beautiful. Chris stood up straight as he gazed on the horizon. While Alpha sat and leaned against the top entrance to the roof.

"You'll make it out of this alive. Trust me. With me? Nothing will harm you. You have my word."

Chris looked to the seemingly always stoic swordswoman. "It's not that I'm worried about." He responded.

"Then...what is it?" Alpha asked, confused.

"It's what this world will bring, is what concerns me. Lived my whole life in Babylonia. Boring lil existence, but we were safe. Honestly, never asked for the position of Commandant. It was just given to me. Surprised I made it through the camp sometimes." Chris rambled.

"If you have survived this long without the help of your constructs, then it's clear your stronger then you think. It's best not to dwell on your doubts while out in hostile territory. Hesitation leads to death. Besides, you passed your training long ago. So you can't be all worthless if you ask me." The Ascendant stood up from her spot, taking a minute to stretch.

"Now come on. We still got a ways to go before we get to that Forsaken base you mentioned. While we head their do well to remind yourself to keep our little 'pact' a secret. Alright?"

Chris nodded. "Got it."

"Let's move." The Ascendant's body then digitized back into Chris, as the commandant made continued their journey onward.

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