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Gracelyn Hyland is now of age to prepare for marriage, the same age her sister was. There is more life outside of her Kingdom than in it. Gracelyn is destined for a happy ending but her path is different from Tessa's. She hasn't exactly kept her parents in the loop of everything with Laila Kingston, their maid and also an Angel that is destined to be watching Tessa. Gracelyn has secrets that questions her life outside of her home. This is all about Gracelyn and her story.

Фэнтези Темная фантазия Всех возростов.

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Chapter 1

Gracelyn is now seventeen and watching her sister leave when she was young never made it easy. Lacey and Tessa are now living another life. Laila is still around being that she has never aged being in human form. It kind of concerned Gracelyn knowing that she is aged. Gracelyn didn't have many options in her way of living in a big kingdom. As she got herself dressed in her favorite purple long dress with white heels and styled her hair it was enough to make her smile.

Making her way into the dining room, history repeated itself as her parents stood in front of her.

"Gracelyn, you are next to rule in this Kingdom. As your sister didn't follow protocol and married a woman, we have asked you to take her spot. Now, their has been a rise of young Princes in this Kingdom for the past century and one of them will be your husband. As you are the only Princess left in this whole century of new rulers, we are having the men come to you and you make the choice. Laila is to prep you for that." King Xavier Jones explained.

"Papa, I have a question?" Gracelyn asked nervously.

"Yes, my dear princess." Xavier replied gently.

"If I refuse my spot as Queen who else will rule?" Gracelyn asked with shaking hands behind her back.

"A family descendant that would be taking over." Xavier replied looking at his Queen Deanna.

"Oh, um, okay. And when do I have to be married?" Gracelyn asked again.

"You're eighteenth birthday." Xavier replied with sweat pouring down his face.

Gracelyn bows to her father then leaves the room as Larkin appears at her side.

"Gracelyn, what are you doing?" Larkin asked authoritatively.

"Leaving with Laila like we have planned for years. I do not wish to test every boy in the surrounding Kingdom for marriage." Gracelyn replied in her graceful tone.

"So, you are being just like Tessa?" Larkin asked again.

"If you know what is good for you, Larkin, you're better off without being in love with either other of us." Gracelyn replied, placing a hand to his face and shoved him.

"YOU ARE MAKING A MISTAKE, PRINCESS!" Larkin yelled at her.


Gracelyn rushed to the maids quarters downstairs in the cabinets where they always stashed wine and whiskey. All she had to do is get Laila to come with her outside of the castle and they could venture on their own. Gracelyn didn't want to rule and Laila is presented to her by her own father's ruling that she has to stay with her.

"Laila, we are leaving." Gracelyn demanded in the cabinets startling all the ladies.

"I can't leave Lucy. Gracelyn, we can't leave." Laila replied in her soft voice.

"This isn't an argument, pack your things and meet me outside of the castle." Gracelyn responded as she closed the cabinet and rushed upstairs to pack her own things.

Gracelyn wasn't going to be made Queen with some guy that is far from her mind and she wanted to make sure Laila knew that they weren't staying in their Kingdom anymore. She wanted to be as far away from this world than being with her parents ruling her choices of whom she is to be with. That is what drove Tessa away because she didn't want to rule and her parents faced backlash because of it.


Gracelyn met Laila outside in the gardens which Laila didn't seem so surprised but she had Lucy on her hip and Gracelyn rolled her eyes.

"She has to stay." Gracelyn demanded.

"Why can't she go with us? Lucy has always wanted out of this Kingdom as much as you." Laila pleaded.

"Laila, your father never said you had to watch her; it was just me and Tessa. Now send her back." Gracelyn demanded again.

Gracelyn heard them share multiple kisses then Laila sent her away before anything else happened.

"Laila go get a horseman and carriage, they are to be let know to take us to our ships. We are traveling to find my need of happiness across the world." Gracelyn said strictly.

"Yes, Princess. I will return with horseman and carriage." Laila replied softly.

Gracelyn heard Laila sigh then went to find their carriage. That is when she heard Queen Deanna coming towards her.

"Gracelyn, where are you going? It is your day to find a Prince to rule with." Deanna said in her queenly voice.

"Away mother, away from you and him. Laila is going with me for being my Angel and Guardian." Gracelyn replied.

"Where is away Gracelyn?" Deanna responded.

"Out into the world, beyond this Kingdom. Something you never did besides to adopt me." Gracelyn deadpanned.

"We still love you and I want you to be happy as much as Tessa but we are hoping you stay here for the sake of our Kingdom. Evigon wouldn't be the same without you." Deanna responded.

"Fine, I will come back inside." Gracelyn replied as she grabbed her tote carrying it inside.

Gracelyn turned around to walk inside with her mother when she heard horses step around the next corner on the cobblestone.

"Gracelyn, wait! What are you doing?" Laila said with her eyebrows raised.

"Mother doesn't want us leaving, so take everything back." Gracelyn sighed.

Laila got off of the carriage and horse then raced to grab Gracelyn by the arm.

"You wanted us to leave then we will leave without anyone saying otherwise. Deanna, freedom is outside of these walls of your Kingdom and for your favor if she wishes to return safely, I will give her that but this is your daughter's choice." Laila said holding onto Gracelyn.

Gracelyn looked at Laila with a smile as she let go of her mother's hand then followed Laila to the carriage. Gracelyn couldn't wait to see what was outside of Kingdom Evigon and away from all the orders that surrounded her life. It is all up to her and Laila where they land in this world as they explore villages and how life operates without servants in their life also without the King and Queen judging life.

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