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Laila can't help wanting Princess Tessa the most beautiful Princess in Evigon. Laila is stuck in the castle and can't go back home since she is without her wings. Falling for Tessa is least of her worries, she has to keep her desires in check and keep her away from all the selfish Princess in other Kingdom's from stealing her girl. What will become of Laila? Can she fight her love for Tessa?

LGBT+ 18+.

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Chapter 1

Early morning in Evigon as the sun shines brightly into Laila's room, she stretches until every muscle is able to move again except her banished wings that are no longer on her. She has to earn them back by making sure Princess Tessa Jones stays out of trouble and marries Guard Larkin Malachi though she is starting to think that is bad idea. They are only friends though she is beginning to feel a much bigger development for Princess Tessa whose as Gothic and can careless about her own world.

Laila sighed climbing out of bed as Larkin announced that he is taking her to breakfast with Princess Tessa this morning. He is now doing twice the work since her arrival though she is not sure how she is going to earn her wings back, she misses being a Angel and not a mortal it feels so unusual. Laila took a hot shower feeling every sting where her wings used to be as she wanted to cry so badly.

After her shower, she found a bright white dress with frills and white heels, she slipped on her bra and panties then slipped on the dress that went to her knees and the white heels as Larkin opened the door with a smile saying,

"Laila, you need to dry your hair it is dripping wet. Let me help you dry it and brush it."

Larkin being the gentle guard he is, did exactly as said by helping her dry her hair with a white fluffy towel, blowing drying the ends, and then brushing it until waves came down her back. Larkin kissed her cheek with a smile.

"Now, you look like a Angel that came down to save a Princess."

Laila blushed replying,

"Thank you, Larkin."

Larkin winked then gently grabbed her shoulder dragging her out to see Tessa smiling at her saying,

"Needed help with hair duties...must be difficult to not have powers their Laila."

Laila felt a sting in that statement and bowed her head down following Larkin and Tessa down the hall to where the King and Queen Jones would be at. As they arrived in the dining area both the King and Queen is pleased to see everyone. King Xavier clears his throat saying,

"Tomorrow, we are welcoming several Princesses from the following Kingdom's in the surrounding areas. Tessa, you are to dress like you are to represent our beautiful castle. Gracelyn, you are to go help the cooks making sure everything taste great for every Princess that is arriving tomorrow. Larkin, get your best guards on duty tomorrow because we are making sure their placed comfortably in each of their rooms and they will need guards to protect them. Laila, sweet angelic, you are being a maid today making sure everything is cleaned from bedrooms, restrooms and anything else that needs to be cleaned."

Laila sighed in frustration she is always made the position of a maid.

Everyone under their duties today? We are having Princess Kristy, Princess Sasha, Princess Josephine, Princess Bella, Princess Lacey, and Princess Patricia. So, be on your best behaviors this week and I won't have to deal with harsh discipline for any of you.

Gracelyn being a extra excited child replied,

"You got it, daddy."

Tessa and Laila rolled their eyes at one another, as Larkin shrugged but kept his cool. Larkin went to take care of his duties to make sure every guard will be assigned a Princess by the end of the day. Gracelyn happily went to the kitchen with Queen Deanna as they went and tasted food for tomorrow. Tessa hated dressing up for any occasion especially this one because she has to where light colors and not dark. Laila went on her way to find a maid to teach her to properly clean the castle from top to bottom.

Laila walked down the long corridors with her heels clicking against the marble floors though the echo at least coped with the silence. As she finally made her way to the maid's corridors, she heard whispers about Tessa that they knew she is one to sleep with Princess Lacey every time she comes to visit. Laila cleared her throat announcing her arrival saying,

"I am sorry for over hearing but is it true Princess Lacey and Princess Tessa sleep with one another? Not as in sleep but have sex?"

A maid came over with a gentle smile replying,

"I am Lucy, I am lead of this crew. Yes, Tessa and Lacey have a rather hot fling every time they are together and it won't be the last. Lacey has been wanting commitment with Tessa but our dear Princess refuses, we are hoping this year that Tessa will respectfully decline any offers from Lacey since you are here."

Lucy is a beautiful Mexican woman with dark brunette hair, deep brown eyes and dark olive skin, most of the women looked like sisters or from other countries with olive skin that made them look lovely.

"Nice to meet you, Lucy and fellow maids. I am hoping Tessa has a change of heart at least because to be honest, I believe I have began crushing on her. I mean we just met like several months ago when I lost my wings as a rights to being a Angel but I am wanting to forget trying to hook her and Larkin up an be with her myself." Laila explained in a hushed tone.

Lucy patted Laila on the back and shook her head with a heavy sigh replying,

"We can't get what we want Laila, you will have to let her go and marry her true love. It is a sacrifice you will have to make even if that means losing your wings permanently. In this country you are forbidden to love the same gender it is wrong and will always be wrong. Come on, we are in Medieval times or weren't you not aware when you arrived?"

Laila knew it is Medieval times where knights, kings, queens and all that exist but for one chance she would like the world to change. At this rate it is impossible and now she has to help Lucy and the fellow maids get ready for all the preppy Princesses to make their appearance come tomorrow and she isn't thrilled since Tessa will be leading the pack of wolves into her clean chambers to introduce them to everyone. What can you expect though when a King has made you a maid for the time being? Off to clean rooms and dust everything.

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