Happy Mukule

Emma is a high school nerd ,one day ,one night ,one boy changes her life ,from boring to dramatic ,Emma discovers a part of her that is hidden , how on Earth does she have a connection with the popular Xavier ,are they linked ,what are their families hiding?

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I could feel my heart beating so fast as he moved towards me ,we stood so close to each other that our lips were almost touching . I felt uneasy and so I took a step back only to be unwelcomed by the wall .We stood there without saying a word to each other , I was now over thinking this ,the most popular boy in school was about to get intimate with me . This didn't make sense at all , I still couldn't resist his blue eyes and so I was drowning in his eyes when suddenly I felt his tongue in my my mouth ,his tongue wondered in there ,making me feel wanted . His kiss was so hungry ,he kissed me vigorously while I unbuttoned his shirt ,at this point I didn't care that we were in a classroom.

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