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Hey everyone! In this story (Philosophy) I am making Heaven and Hell a clear topic for you! It's going to be fun😀....... No, actually Mysterious!😲😫😱🦊🦉

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What is 'EXACTLY' Heaven and Hell? Part 1

Have you heard people saying 'Go to hell!' ? or some people would say so 'I will definitely go the heaven' ?

Just take these words in a scientific manner. Do they mean something?

Ok, let me tell you. You have two gates, in which among one is filled with chocolates and ice creams, and the another one has flames of fire. Which one will you go in? Of course! you will get inside the door where you have lots of chocolates and ice creams. I am sure no one will want to get burned by going inside the door of fire!

As you know that in this world every one is mortal (who dies). What does dying means? Yes, you are absolutely right! Dying means at a point where a man's life is overed. But wait, after dying is really a human's life is overed? You know the rituals of your religion, what you do after a human dies. But the body is like buried in the grave yard, but where is the soul going? Any Guesses?

Actually when a human dies, it's soul can go to any two gates according to what they've done when they were alive! And the 1st gate is called the HEAVEN GATE.👼

What is heaven?— Heaven is a place of peace, love, community and worship, actually it's a place where God is surrounded by a heavenly court and other heavenly beings. Heaven in Greek means ouranos and in English ouranos means Sky!

who goes to heaven after dying?— The people which never tells lies or have not done any wrong thing has opportunity to go to heaven! They live merrily in Eden of God!

But wait, where did the nasty people's soul went?

Yes, to hell!

The 2nd gate is called the 'HELL GATE' 👿!

The picture is scary, isn't it? This is what happens to the people when alive, did horrible things! But what is exactly Hell?— Hell is basically a underground surface where all the negative energies live or come from. By negative energies I don't only mean ghosts, it can be anything which can be negative. What if I tell you that- the people which passes you demotivation, or bad comments, bully you, so on, the negative thought/energy in them comes from hell! I know many of you would not believe my words, as this world asks for logic and science........ But just think once, no one is born with a feeling or a swagy style! But, as they grow up, some people get those bad and horrible 'talent' to judge you and everyone. Now you will tell me that maybe that person got negative vibes by the other person. Now let me ask you a question, From where did 'that' person got negative energies?— The Hell!

It's beyond science (Paranormal)! If you are still left with a question, I will answer all your questions in Part 2 of 'Heaven or Hell?'

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