Maxim F. Hener

An Erotic Street Thriller... (Fictional City of Phylicia, CA) Just released from prison, Calum "CeCe" Cox reluctantly returns to a life of crime, lust, and sex... (Under Construction)

Детективы 18+.

#thriller #crime #sexy #erotic #adult-content #street-lit #urbanfiction
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Chapter One

I've been free a little over a month, free from love, free from sex, free from the streets, and most importantly free from a five-year bid I earned for a drug trafficking charge. Sitting in Audrey's nursing a glass filled with brown liquor, hereafter just leaving a job that I was also just freed from. Downsizing was the excuse given to me but I knew that my background check had returned and that was the true reason for my termination. But hey, it is what it is. I'm a street nigga and I've been down before. I put the glass to my lips and downed what was left.

"Can I get you another drink?" Asked Layla, my waitress.

I glanced up at her.

"It's only a two-drink minimum here, but I'll get you one more if you want it." She said, "It looks like you can really use it."

"Damn, I look that bad?"

"Yeah, I mean kind of." She asked, "Is it a woman or family trouble?"

I smirked. "Damn, I must look bad-then-a-mother-fucker?"

"Nah, not like that. You look good to me, you know, I mean besides whatever you're dealing with.

I chimed, "To answer your question, it's neither. I'm having job issues... I just lost mine about thirty minutes ago."

She said, "Aww, that's too bad." She paused for a moment. Said,

"Yeah, let me get you that drink."

She walked away and my eyes took in her rear-view. Even in her Audrey's uniform that ass rumbled erratically underneath those black slacks. Three minutes later she was back and placing my drink down on the table in front of me.

"Calum "CeCe" Cox" a males voice crooned.

I glanced up to see who had called my name. It was a familiar-looking goon that I couldn't quite place where I knew him from. The fact was that he was from my street dealing days, friend or foe I wasn't sure and I hated the fact that I'm not strapped right now.

"CeCe, nigga, you don't remember me, Fool?" Barked the goon.

I didn't. My brow deepened as I tried to recall a memory of someone from my past.

"Shawn, boy what are you doing in here?" Quizzed Layla. She said, "You know Mother doesn't want you coming back in here."

"Fuck Mother, that old bitch can suck my dick." Growled the goon named Shawn.

"Shawn Post," I uttered snapping my fingers.

He and Layla both looked at me. Shawn smirked and Layla had a different look on her face from when I first engaged her. I was now associated with a criminal and other illegal activities.

Shawn asked, "Say, Fam when did you get out?"

"About a month ago."

"You good, are you straight," Shawn said, "I'm on now, I can return the favor, give you a helping hand now, but only if you want it."

Shawn slid me his number. "Take that, use it when you're ready."

I nodded and he walked away from me and Layla. She smiled, moved closer to me, and leaned over.

She whispered, "I get off in thirty minutes, drink your drink, and wait for me ."

Again, I nodded and waited, stayed here just like she asked.

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