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The youngest out of six, nobody expects anything extraordinary from her. Infact, she was everything ordinary. Jada has to prove herself worthy of something. So, she decided take up a challenge no one ever expected her to. Well, was she truly ordinary as everyone thought? Dive in... Check out this story.

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Jada's home


Jada shut down her laptop in anger. Chewing her inner cheeks, she began thinking "for how long am I going to continue this?" Then she frowned "is it not better i apply in another company?"

Already knowing the answer, she opened her laptop, logged out of Leo Towers website and then logged into Mag&co, a magazine company that had almost the same reputation as that of Leo Towers.

She squinted at her laptop, ready to ignore anything unnecessary there 'afterall its a magazine company' she whispered to herself. It was clear she didn't care.

Halfway filling her details into the form, her phone buzzed. Looking at the caller ID, she frowned and pressed the pick up button.

"Hello mama, what's wrong?"

Teresa breathed heavily into the phone "I am outside the gate, come and help me carry the groceries inside" she was struggling with the many bags she carried with only two hands.

Jada heard her breathing hard "okay" she wondered why her mother didn't come home with Ebony, her cousin who would have helped her instead. Tiredly, she stood up from the couch, got her scarf and found her way outside.

Teresa, fondly called "Mama" by her children was proud mother of Six. Her husband Matthew, was recently laid to rest last year due to a heart attack. It was devastating for all the children most especially Jada who was very fond of him. Teresa noticed that ever since that year, Jada became rude to everyone and still is. To top it all, a job was had to get..it really was hell that year and still is in a way.

Hearing the gate lock being opened, Teresa saw her daughter coming out of the gate. She grimaced at Jada's style of dressing 'what is wrong with her?' She asked herself.

Jada was putting on an over flowing yellow skirt, well past her knees-to the ground, a faded blue camisole and then a black scarf. To Teresa, that was an epitome of disaster -- to Jada? She's still mourning her father...so she don't care about clothes and simply put whatever she sees, on.

Jada rolled her eyes at her mother's expression while collecting the grocery bags from her hands.

"What in the world are you wearing Jada?" Teresa whisper-shouted, still staring at her daughter's strange choice of clothes.

Jada paused,"mama, its clothes and please don't start talking about Baba again"

Teresa shook her head in pity as she entered the house. After shutting the gate, she observed her daughter's posture. 'Something is definitely wrong today' she reasoned and decided to say something about it.

"I don't like the way you are looking. I don't and I won't hide it. We've gone past this discussion. What if I was bringing a guest, is this how you would be dressed then?"

Halfway into the kitchen, Jada heard her mother's scolding voice. She sighed, dropping the grocery bags on the kitchen table. Her mama dropped her handbag on the table to stand akimbo. Jada knew that 'the talk' was coming. Now.

Teresa's voice dropped and concern was on her face "Don't be too hard on yourself. Talk to me, are you still feeling bad about your Baba?"

'Well, the warning flew over mama's head' Jada thought I'm sacasm deciding to change the topic "Mama, I thought Ebony was coming with you today, at least to help in the making of dinner. What happened?"

Her mama fell for the trick and didn't even know.
"yes..that's true. I have to call her. She was supposed to follow me to the market but junior fell Ill" she reached for her handbag to get her phone out.

"Which of the junior? My sister's son or Ebony's son?

"Ebony's baby boy. God keep him for us" Teresa prayed while dialing a number.

"Call her quickly. He will be fine" Jada touched her chest with her thumb in sympathy for Ebony.

Teresa nodded, touched at Jada's sympathy words "arrange the bags, you know where to put the things i bought..let me go outside so I can get her" and off she went speaking the native dialect.

Jada was all alone again. Resuming where she stopped in her thoughts, she wondered how easily her mother fell into 'changing the topic' trick. If it was Baba, he wouldn't fall, he would keep on asking until he gets why she's so down. Anytime she tries to change the topic, he would say " Jada Robinson, don't you dare trick me" and then she would frown and tell her story to him.

But now, there's always someone to be tricked and Jada didn't find it amusing. Being the last one in a family of 8 isn't as interesting or thrilling as people make it to be. Not many brothers that would protect you, not many sisters that would pamper you..not her own brothers and sisters at all.

First of all her 'Mama' was a very busy woman. She was industrious while Baba was always at home. When he turned 60, he went for check up and the doctor as far as Jada could remember said that he shouldn't be doing any strenuous work. He was a transporter, not always home and always on the road. But after he was diagnosed a heart problem, he stopped his job and stayed at home. Everyone turned to Jada to take care of Baba. She remembered protesting..


10 years ago...

"I don't want to stay at home for Baba. Why not call Ebony or her son? why not Michael, Mya, Patrick, Amari or even Monica!! Why me? You want me to move away from my hostel to this house? No way!!"
She screamed until she heard an angry groan from the eldest, Michael.

"Look, we are not asking you, we are telling you." He breathed heavily "look at me! Am married with 3 kids!, Monica here is relocating with her husband to South africa, then.." He pointed to Patrick whose eyes were closed in exhaustion "Patrick here is going back to the Seminary school this week to complete his fathership...whatever.."

Patrick eyes flew open, he folded his hands in disapproval at his description "fathership? I don't think so michael"

Michael fumed "Well, I don't care!" He was furious at Jada. felt she was being selfish, inconsiderate and Jada knew that they all felt she was been selfish and inconsiderate too.

He continued in a more composed tone "Mya for your information is getting married this week, which is why we all are here. Amari is moving into her law school by next week, Ebony is taking care of her baby.." He stared right into Jada's eyes as he made the last statement "Because she is pregnant"

Jada groaned angrilly because she realized that she was the only one who was free from life and also, she had no point to make...

"Jada we are all busy and you know it. I know its unfair to tell you to move back into the house but you are only in your first year, you can take your courses online. Do it for Baba's sake hmm?" Monica chirped in.

Jada chewed the inner of her cheeks in thought, a habit she picked along the way. She could see the pleading in her siblings eyes, even though their mouths said different. They all knew she was hard headed. Jada chewed more. Fine" she reluctantly answered and watched as they all breathed sighs of relief. That being settled, every one dispersed to their various rooms to get ready to bring their Baba back from the hospital.

"Thank you" Amari slowed down and whispered to Jada on their way to the hospital which was not far from the house.

Amari was born 6 years before her so she was kind of her confidante and also closest to her.

Jada turned to her sister and whispered back "this is hard for me and you know"

Amari frowned in confusion "how hard is it?"

Jada sighed sadly "you are lucky you know..Law school will be fun and am here, stuck in the house, putting up with Mama's talk.."

Amari took one look at Jada's face and stopped walking. The others moved on not minding the sisters that stopped walking. This gave them privacy. Putting her hands on Jada's shoulders, she smiled playfully "You know you didn't enjoy Baba and Mama's love fully, now you can..most especially Baba. I can't say for Mama..but, you are just 20, you have more years to have fun. Very soon Derrick will propose to me, I am sure of that..."

Jada gasped in shock "oh"

"But don't tell our siblings yet, I don't want them asking too much questions, you understand right?" Then she added "you know how Mama get when one of her daughters is getting married"

Jada smiled at that memory

"Mama gets too emotional.." she remembered replying that to her sister "...look at how she cried at Monica's yet monica is here..she cries like..."

"The world is over" They said at the same time and burst out in laughter.

"Hey!" Patrick voice echoed "Walk faster"

Amari cleared her throat and then walked away from Jada's side, just like it was before. Baba was put in a wheel chair and they all strolled back home.

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