Maxim F. Hener

Life can be a bitch, the human race can be cruel, people can be cold and calculating, and nobody knows this better than young urbanite Chauncey Miles. A man who strives to be something greater than his peers, works hard at living the American dream, not to become a statistic. But lust and friendship, love and adultery challenges him at every turn. Can Chauncey stay grounded and keep strolling down the path of good. In this Novel the institution of marriage will be compromised, lines will be crossed, love turns into hate, and hate into murder.

Триллер 18+.

#thriller #crime #betrayal #inkspiredstory #infidelity #urbanfiction
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Having or showing a strong orunreasoning desire for


SHE WAS FACE DOWN, ass up. I hovered over her hitting that spot with this powerful decline. Something like squats. I learned this move from watching porn. The men in those erotic flicks do that shit all the time. Every time I dropped I went deep, sank all the to the balls. Made skin slap skin. Her sexual cries made me feel like a King and I almost started beating on my chest like I was King Kong. Almost. This was my garden, I was the gatekeeper of this property. I stopped loving her, switched positions, and got on my knees. I slid back inside her Center, took her as the dogs do. My Lover grabbed sheets, tried to run from my aggression but I chased her continuing to attack this pussy. I pint her pretty yellow ass between the headboard and me. I punished her for running from this dick. My wife was my lover, the only woman I loved to fuck in this manner. My wife loves taking dick and I enjoy giving it to her. No matter how educated, how sophisticated my boo was in the eye of the public, behind closed doors she was some kind of freaky. Shontae Miles didn't wanna make love. Never wanted to make love. She said that shit is for the weak.

My baby, always says she wants to be fuck and that's exactly what I do, how to do when I give it to her. Behind these four walls and in our bed, I stroke her like I'm Byron Long. Punish her slot until she'd had her fill. This morning sex had a different meaning behind it, this morning I wanted my wife to feel how much I was going to miss her while she was gone, away on this company business trip. I wanted to remind her of all that she has here, at home waiting for her when she returned. I fucked like this so she'll know that there's no reason for her to creep with another man. My love called on Jesus like he was on speed dial. Shontae begged me not to stop. Begged for me to make her cum. Begged me to cum. We huffed and puffed. Moaned and groaned, released our pleasure at the same time.

After we finished fucking Shontae and I showered, rinsed away the sticky scent of copulation. Before I exited the cleaning booth I gave her some of this tongue. Just a little incentive to keep my pussy on lockdown. We stepped out of the shower, toweled off, and dressed in today's attire. I helped her packed for the trip, loaded the trunk with her luggage. We left our home and drove over to 6000 North Terminal Parkway. Reaching the airport I parked, exited the car, and grabbed her bags out of the trunk.

"Damn Tae, what all you got in these damn bags?" I said, "You packed like your ass is never coming back."

Shontae laughed a little and said, "Aww my Poo-bear worried about me not coming home."

She moved closer towards me and kiss me. She chimed, "Don't worry Poo-bear I'll be home Monday or Tuesday morning, promise." Then she said, "And I'm a Lady Bae, we gotta have options... Bad bitches always do when we travel."

I looked at Shontae like she was crazy and thought. 'Since when has she referred to herself as a bad bitch' I never heard her utter this in my memory. I shook my head and we started for the entrance. Once we were inside of the terminal I grabbed one of those luggage carts and dropped her 2ton bags down on it. I stayed.Waited around for her boarding number to be called.

I asked, "So what's this trip for again?"

"Chauncey baby I've told you this, like a million and two times already."

"Well, Shontae tell me a million and three, because this shit is getting ridiculous." I snapped, "This shit happens every other weekend and it's usually the weekends that I'm off."

"I know Chauncey, but it's not my fault, besides I have to work right?" Shontae added, "Lords knows you don't make enough money to support the both of us."

"Wow... I can't believe you just said that shit."

Chauncey stood up, leaned in, and kiss his wife. He chimed, "I guess I'll see you when you make it back then."

"Chauncey!" Shontae yelled at Chauncey's back. He stopped, turned around, and faced her.

"I'm sorry Bae, I'm just stress the hell out right now."

"Yeah," Chauncey murmured

Shontae's plane was ready for boarding, she mouthed.

"Love you."

And headed towards her gate.

Back in my car, I called up my friend Chess and told him to meet me at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in about 30 minutes. When I arrived at the ATL's popular eatery I killed the engine, exited the car, and walked inside to joined Chess. After I claimed the seat across from him. He and I ate before we spoke.

After his last bite of steak, Chess asked, "So What's on your mind Tater Boy?"

He called me by a nickname my Pops gave me back when Chess and I were youngsters.

"I think Shontae is cheating on me." I proclaimed after a brief stint of silence between the two of us.

I said, "I found a few suspect texts in her phone the other night while she was asleep, and with all of these frequent out-of-town trips she's been taking lately, shit just ain't adding up to me Bro."

Chess smiled. He said, "Come on Bro. you ain't been married a year yet and you already tripping, sitting over there acting like one of those tinder-dick ass niggas."

I straightened my glasses on my face.

"I'm serious Chester."

Chess's smiled quickly changed into a frown. He leaned in closer to Chauncey.

"Only because I consider you my brother, I won't fuck you up right now for calling me, Chester." Chess sighed and shook his head. He asked, "You're serious aren't you?"

"Hell yeah, I'm serious, nigga."

"So what you want me to do about it, kill the bitch?" Snapped Chess.

It was said in a joking manner, but Chess was serious. One thing he didn't too much play around about was putting in work, Chess's murder game was legendary in the streets. Silence fell between the two of them a bit longer than it should have.

"Damn! Tater Boy you really do want your wifey dead." Chess blurted out.

Chauncey's head snapped around looking to see if anyone heard Chess, looked to see if anyone could hear what they were talking about.

"No, no, no... Nah, I don't want her dead. Why would you think that?"

Chess chuckled a little. "You was a Lil reluctant to answer me for a minute there, so I had to be sure."

Chess took a sip from his glass then said, "Yo ass still ain't convinced me that you don't want the bitch dead though."

"Well, I-I don't, Chess. I mean, I really don't want my wife dead, okay."

Chess nodded. He asked, "What you want me to do then?"

Chess could see the pain in his friend's eyes and sympathize with Chauncey's plight. Chess could see the lakes in the wells of his eyes that threatened to turn into rivers. Chess's rage was off the meter even though he didn't let it show and right then, Chess decided if Chauncey gave him the green light, that bitch he calls a wife was as good as dead.Quiet Is kept he just might take a look at the bitch anyway, end her on his terms.

Chauncey explained, "I don't know man... I called you here just to have a brother's ear I could vent to."


Chess chimed, "I'm here for you Bro. whenever you need that." Chess reassured, "I'm here Tater Boy, and that's on my mama."

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